by Brittany McComas

Choosing the best way to say “thank you” when it comes to all of the bridesmaids, your maid of honor, best man, groomsmen and attendants that helped make your day go off without a hitch can be hard. Not everyone is a writer, and that’s where I come in handy–well, me and a photo quality printer.

Maid of Honor

Thank You to the Maid of Honor

This is your girl. Like your very special, one and only person you really wanted up there with you. So don’t be afraid to go all cheesy when it comes to her thank you note. source Grab a Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace on Etsy for 12 bucks and up, and print your own pretty note with colors on your home printer that tells her thanks for being the best maid of honor ever!


You can also go all sentimental by printing a basic card at home, then scratching out maid of honor and including what she really did–even if it was keeping you from strangling your sister. It’s for her eyes only, right!? source

Best Man


Get your bromance on! No really, go all out when it comes to the one guy you really wanted next to you on your wedding day. Your wife already knows if you leave her it will be for this guy anyway! A great gift is a thank you written on a bag for a bottle of beer or wine – then fill the bag with their favorite libation. source


Or write a cheesy note inside a very sentimental card that says you actually do love him more than your wife, and you could have never made it through your vows without him! source


ty6Thank You for being my bridesmaid

As far as the rest of the girls are concerned you should pick out a super-sweet design, print and personally write in a sweet note about something special they did to make your wedding day the best day ever! source and source

Or if you really can’t think of anything this card is pretty sweet! *wink wink. source

Thank You for Bridesmaids

Groomsmen & Attendants

Thank You for GroomsmenWhen it comes to groomsmen and attendants you can give a personalized card thanking them for whatever they specifically helped out with. source and source

Thank You for Usher

Or you can go low-maintenance manly on them and give them a cuban (or something like a cuban, because those are probably not budget friendly). source


No matter what your style, a personalized note of any design highlighting why you love each member of your bridal party for their own, unique contribution to your day will make them love you as Mr. and Mrs. even more!

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