“To have a bridesman or not to have a bridesman?” This can be one tough politically correct question to ask yourself as a bride.

Some people are traditional, while others think it’s super-cute to have one of your besties (who’s a guy) up there with ‘the girls’. And what if it all boils down to the fact that you really don’t have any girlfriends? Check out my sweet tips and tricks below on how to decide whether or not to have a bridesman. Header image source

Should I?

In this day and age, it’s perfectly acceptable to bend gender roles and go with a man in your bridal party.

Suit Up Your Bridal Party

Well, not the whole party, but at least get his tailored. He also doesn’t have to be suited and booted like the groomsmen. Your bridesman should be in the same color scheme as your bridesmaids. His suite should be tailored to match your side of the party. If the color is very feminine simply remind your bridesman, no matter what color the suit might be, that Brad Pitt is often seen as eye candy *wink, wink.

Plus a man will also give you a totally different perspective on your dress, your shoes, your makeup, and your hair when it comes to making sure you steal the walk down the wedding aisle.

What If My Groom Says No?

If your groom is hesitant, explain why you want a bridesman. Compromise a bit and ask if he will be better with him dressing as one of the groomsmen? Also, ask your groom if he would like a groomsgirl? You never know what his reaction might be. Then it may not seem such a spectacle to your groom, and the two can walk down the aisle together at the close of the ceremony. *They do make some sweet halter suits for women these days…

The Pros

There are some super-duper amazing upsides to having a man in your bridal party. No matter what their sexual orientation, men don’t tend to put up with a lot of fluff and won’t mind putting the bridesmaids who get out of hand (or those who didn’t make the cut) in their rightful place–which is by your side, not being the center of attention.

The bridesman will also be the best asset to your Hen Do, because he can play bodyguard, chauffeur, pretend boyfriend for those stage five clingers at the bar, and he can carry a dead body–I mean, carry anyone into their house who passes out in the taxi on the ride home.

The Cons

There will be cons, but in true Bridezilla fashion this is where you can tell people to stuff it. Simply tell people who ask questions or turn their nose up: “I’m honoring my friends and traditions in my own wedding style.” It’s your wedding, so do what you want to!

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