Close your eyes and picture your perfect wedding. Without any pressure from the outside world, what season do you picture saying your vows in?

The backdrop of your wedding is one of the most important factors to a dream scenario. You have absolute full control over every single little and large aspect of your wedding. You choose the table types and styles, the decorations, the dresses for the bridesmaids, the food menu, the music everyone will dance to, the entrance you make to the church and anything else you can think of.

However the weather is a harsh mistress to try and tame, yet it plays such a crucial role in fulfilling your wishes.

The ambiance of the ceremony is going to be palpable and you’re going to feel a mixture of joy and nervousness. The landscape and the physical atmosphere will have a massive effect on your mood and mindset. No one wants to get married among a downpour of heavy rain. Even if you’re inside you can see and feel the gloominess.

So to have a better grasp of this moment in your life, what season should you choose?

Are you whimsical?

Concerning the question of what season is best, it’s really a subjective analysis of what matters to you more. Even though the weather might not be something you can honestly say you enjoy, but it might hold a little sentimental value for you.

If you have a close connection with your mother or father and you know the meteorological details of their wedding, you might wish to replicate it. We do this for the venue and ring quite often actually.

The culture of passing something down from parents to child in weddings is seen all over the world. It can be a place where your parents said their vows and you decide you want to say yours at that same location. It could be a ring that was passed down from your grandmother to her daughter and your then mother to you, which you wish to be the wedding ring. The same thing happens for seasons.

So do you have a whimsical value for summer, autumn, winter, or spring?

On the contrary

What do you believe is the overall most popular season that people who can quite happily choose and take their time pick? These people would obviously be the rich and famous because they can afford to take it slow. According to celebrity engagement trends, it’s not what you might think it to be. The majority of people would say summer but for people in high places, they pick the dead of winter. December is the most popular month to get married in so that suggests hills and fields covered in snow. A literal white wedding has made a comeback among stars which may come as a surprise. This should give you the confidence to follow your heart and now choose a season that you think everyone else, i.e. your guests would favor.

Stereotypes shattered, the only best season to get married in is the one you believe holds a value. Sunshine and clear blue skies aren’t the top requirements for celebrities, so why should it be for you?

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