Today’s post is a guest post that is personal for me. I actually did get rhinoplasty done before my wedding because I didn’t want my forever wedding pictures to have this huge hump in the middle of my face.

I’ve spent my whole life hating my nose and hiding it – you can’t do that on your wedding day!

This is not to say that everyone should change the structure of their face, but if you’re interested, this is important information to know. Most of the pictures in the post are of my wedding. I have almost no pictures of myself from before I had my nose done, so that should tell you how severely dissatisfied I was with my appearance!

The shaping of the bone is one of the hardest stages in rhinoplasty. In this stage, it is hard to complete the procedure using conventional methods of bone cutting. Today, there are many other methods used for cutting bone called osteotomy. The most used methods involve cutting the nasal bone using a chisel and a hammer and also by using some motor systems. Today, the use of conventional methods like osteotomy is not the primary choice. There is a much more subtle and elegant method of conducting osteotomy referred to as Ultrasonic rhinoplasty. Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is the new way of cutting bone and shaping the nose.

Effects of osteotomy

Osteotomy, which involves the breaking and cutting of bones is the primary cause of bruising and swelling on the face after a surgical procedure. The reasons why swelling and bruising are formed is because the blood vessels are damaged when the nasal bones are being cut. This leads to bleeding from the blood vessels into the tissue.

When you use ultrasonic rhinoplasty, you can cut the bone easily to specific measurements in millimeter in a very controlled and gracious way. This method also does not cause any bruising, and the only results that is visible is the yellowing of the region around the eyes.

Patients who go to an Otolaryngologists fear the bruising and swelling when they want to undergo a rhinoplasty surgery. This is because facial bruises lengthen the healing process of a patient which also affects the time when a patient should be returning to engage in the day to day activities.

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty

Patients who have undergone ultrasonic rhinoplasty have termed the procedure as a comfortable because of the use of ultrasonic instruments. Patients who go through this technique show no signs of bruising or swelling or discoloration. This new technique is not common around the world, it is only used by very few surgeons. It is a procedure that was approved by the FDA, and in 2015, a handful of surgeons especially in the U.S.A, France, and Germany were the ones who used this elite procedure.

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty was developed as a method of cutting bones in brain surgery to avoid damaging brain tissue; later on, it was adopted for maxillofacial surgery. One of the most precious factors about ultrasonic rhinoplasty that surgeons who use say is that it is a tool that enables precise cutting of the bone without harming any tissue surrounding the bone. Since bruising and swelling are the issues that surgeons were wary about when it comes to rhinoplasty, this technique is the best solution for these issues.

Today, Ultrasonic rhinoplasty delivers the best results in rhinoplasty surgeries across the world to benefit patients. During the use of the ultrasonic knife, the skin on the bones, the cartilage tissue nor the blood vessels are damaged. This is the reason why bruising and swelling is not an issue with this technique. Ultrasonic rasps and chisels are being used in many fields of medicine, with a specific interest in brain surgery. Additionally, dentists also use ultrasonic treatments to conduct operations that involve dissecting the jaw bone.

Osteotomy vs. Ultrasonic rhinoplasty

The difference between osteotomy and ultrasonic rhinoplasty is as night and day. It is not possible to use a hammer and a chisel to create a precise line on a bone in the conventional method of an osteotomy. But when you talk about ultrasonic rhinoplasty, you can cut bones at an angle and even in a straight line. It is evident that it is now possible to refine the nasal bones. For patients, the result of cutting the bone in the nose in a controlled manner using ultrasonic instruments is getting an elegant nose and a subtle natural line. It is now possible to achieve a thinner nose appearance and appealing results that look like a piece of art. Surgeons now have more control over the surgery’s results.

Just like every other field of medicine, there are new developments that come up every day in the field of rhinoplasty. These developments are made to help surgeons provide the best of services to their patients instead of using substandard ways of offering services. It is without a doubt that Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty is a superior treatment method that provides comfort and aesthetics to its patients.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

  • To take a look at some of the benefits that ultrasonic rhinoplasty offers patients, we are going to look at a list of its benefits.
  • It reduces unwanted situations and complications that occur when a rhinoplasty procedure is underway.
  • The results that can be achieved by formation of bones that can be measured in millimeters. This increases the chances of better results and more satisfaction from the patients.
  • The chances of quick recovery are much better because there is no damage caused to the soft tissue around the cartilage and blood vessels, this makes it easier for patients to get back to work much more quickly.
  • It prevents uncontrollable fractures of the bone that is easily caused by the hammer and chisel or micro-motor systems. This prevents disorders caused by a bad look that happens between facial bones and the nasal bone.
  • It helps to provide a more appealing transition from the nose to the nose tip.
  • Because of the controlled cuts that an ultrasonic knife cuts, it forms lines that seem to be drawn by a pen.
  • It reduces the trauma of the soft tissue to zero. This helps to avoid any swelling or bruises.

Meet Dr. Agarwal

For more information on how you can get an ultrasonic rhinoplasty in New York, contact Dr. Andrew Jacono M.D FACS at (212) 570-2500 New York or (516) 773-4646 Long Island. Additionally, you can log onto the New York Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery for more services offered at the clinic.

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