by Brittany McComas

Cleavage isn’t the only way to catch your man’s eye…or look good in the plethora of pics being taken. One of my favourite things in the entire world is finding ways to make legs look absolutely amazing. When it comes to showing off your legs in your stunner of a wedding dress look no further. From how to make your legs look good in a shorter style or tea length dress, or just during the garter fetching thing, Wedding for $1000 will have you looking like a million dollars. Header image photo credit

Go Fashion Forward Nude

One of the sexiest ways to drape your legs but still look super classy is with a pair of pretty little fishnets in nude.

Beautiful, Sexy Legs for a Sassy Bridal Look

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Fishnets create just enough illusion to mask any type of inconsistencies, bruises or small scars on your legs. These killer tights outline with one flawless and fabulously classy touch. Here are some suggestions:

No Nonsense Women’s Fishnet Openwork Tight

Capezio Women’s Studio Basics Fishnet Seamless Tight

SPANX Control Top full-Length Fishnet

Sparkle & Shine

Don’t be afraid to bedazzle your legs in order to add definition!

Sparkling stockings make for sexy legs on your wedding day

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Crystallized tights really take your attention to the shape of the leg and enhance your assets in ways you can’t even imagine. These bad boys will make your legs the belle of the ball when the boys line up for a little garter toss. We found a few you might like:

L&ZZ Women’s Sexy High Waist Tight Sparkle Rhinestone 

Leg Avenue Women’s Fishnet Pantyhose with Glitter Spandex

Berkshire Women’s Shimmers Ultra Sheer Control Top Pantyhose

Spanx A Lot

YASSSSSS girl. I don’t care what your legs look like, grab some Spanx tights. We all LOVE when our tushies feel tighter!

Spanx keeps everything sexy and sassy for a tight wedding day look

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With tummy taming Spanx technology, these tights also shape your legs. Talk about killer definition. You will rock your wedding aisle like a runway when you put a pair of these amazing tights on!

SPANX All The Way Leg Support Pantyhose

SPANX High-Waisted Luxe Leg Sheers

In-Power Line Sheers High-Waist Pantyhose

Sexy Legs Without Stockings

Go completely naked and bronze your legs up with the best darn body bronzing regimen ever.

Buff Your Legs To Perfection

  • Mix up a leg scrub with 1 cup white sugar, 1 cup brown sugar, ⅓ cup olive oil; the mix should be crumbly.
  • Grab your leg scrub and jump in the shower.
  • Rub one leg down with a good amount of scrub. Scrub in a circular motion, massaging your calves and thighs.
  • Rinse the scrub off.
  • Shave your bare legs. The oil in the scrub will act as a lubricant in lieu of creams or soaps that dry out your skin.
  • Rinse and pat dry.

Body Drench Quick Tan Medium Gradual Self Tanning LotionBronze Those Sexy Legs

Grab an amazing bronzer to add some definition and color to your legs.

I like Lorac TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer,. You can use this stuff all over for a sweet glow.

Simply let your legs dry completely before putting any kind of clothes on, and stay away from your dress if it’s white for about an hour. You’ll be ready to rock a bare leg look in no time.

Body Drench Quick Tan Medium Gradual Self Tanning Lotion

Here are some other great options to try:

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