by Brittany McComas

 Shine a little light and enhance that wedding day glow with strobing. Sincerely one of my favourite new techniques to hit the beauty scene. Strobing is a technique much like contouring that literally illuminates your face with a light glow.

 I know what you’re thinking…

Trust me when I say it is perfect for any style wedding day. Also, I highly recommend joining a Sample Swap Beauty Group on Facebook. These groups are full of ladies who like to trade and swap their super-sweet high-priced beauty products and samples for super-cheap. It’s a great way to score wedding makeup on the cheap, and make a few friends.

How To Strobe Like A Pro

You’ll need:

Put a dab of bb creme on your hand, a dab of your daily lotion or face serum, mix them together, and apply all over your face like you would lotion. The result is a soft, dewy glowing base. If you use a concealer be sure to add moisturizer or BB cream to it and a dab of eye creme as you want the same effect for under your eyes.

Smear your shimmery highlighter or illuminator onto your cheekbones, temples (just beside your eyes), the bridge of your nose, above the arch of your eyebrows and in the corner of your eyes, in one stroke. Basically, anywhere that would catch natural light on your face.

Blend it with a beauty blender by dabbing in a light outward motion; you don’t want to rub it off. Finish with your favourite eye makeup and a little blush if needed.

sunFor a Golden Glow

There’s not a bronzer in the world that can top the gorgeous golden glow from my favourite Benefit cosmetics product: Sun Beam. I use this nearly every day, and even at $36 it lasts so long it’s worth every penny.

For a Sexy Glow Now (and Later)

Not only did they go with sexy names like Orgasm, Nars is the first illuminator I ever got my hands on. At $30.00, I totally back this one too, because it will get the party started–in the bedroom later on.

For a Fairytale Glow

For the luminescent glow often associated with our favourite fairytales, try layering. Simply use a light pink shimmery Born to Glow NYX liquid illuminator and then dust a luminous powder like Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder Duo over top!

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