Today I’m talking with the beautiful and amazing Kirstie Wight, a makeup artist who has almost sixteen years of professional experience.  She loves doing weddings and teaching makeup lessons, and she graciously gave us the time to ask questions we all want to know when doing our own wedding makeup!

Wedding for $1000 (W41k): In 2014, the average cost of a wedding rose to $30,000 and as a general rule, brides should expect to spend about 1% to 1.5% ($300 to $450) of their total budget on makeup and hair. A bride on a budget, however, could find herself with a lot less to spend than that. What is your advice to brides on a smaller budget when it comes to choosing whether or not to work with a makeup artist for their wedding day look?

Kirstie: You have a few options if you are wanting to stick to your budget for your wedding day makeup.

Option 1. The Bestie Makeup artist

Enlist the help of a good friend who is not part of your wedding party to do your makeup. We all have that friend who is toally into makeup and really loves doing other peoples makeup for fun. I suggest doing a trial makeup approximately one to two months before your wedding. That way you can try out your look and see if you would like to make any edits or changes. Earlier, I mentioned that your friend not be part of your wedding party. Let your bridesmaids enjoy being with you and helping you out. Sometimes it can be a bit too much pressure enlisting your bridesmaid when she herself need to get ready for your big day.

Option 2. DIY Bridal Makeup Lessons

Do a bit of research online (Google search, Yelp. Instagram and Wedding Wire are a few of my favorites) and find a professional makeup artist whose style matches yours. Though they might not advertise it, most artists do makeup lessons. Just email them and ask. You will learn how to do your makeup for your wedding day and acquire some new makeup skills. It’s a win win. 🙂

Option 3. The Makeup Counter

Find a makeup person before your wedding day whose style you like and book your appointment with them. If possible go see them on a slow day when they are not to busy and have them do a trial run of your makeup. This options is great if you are there are only a few people needing makeup. Please note, that the lovey women and men that work in the department store are there to sell. While they might have incredible makeup skills, they are first and foremost sales people. So please be sensitive and make a few purchases of the makeup that is being used on you for your wedding day.

Option 4. DIY Videos

There are so many incredibly talented makeup artist that do makeup on Youtube. Learn directly from the best, purchase the makeup and do your own for your wedding day. Practice, practice, practice!

Here are a few of my faves:

Lisa Eldridge | Classic Bridal Makeup

Pixiwoo | My Wedding Day Makeup Tutorial

Lauren Curtis | Wedding Makeup Tutorial

Sona Gasparian | Bridal Makeup Tutorial

W41k: In your opinion, what do you think is more helpful to a bride on a limited budget: skipping the makeup and hair trial/only having a MUA for the day-of look, or opting for a more personal makeup lesson? What are some benefits for brides who make this choice?

Kirstie: For brides on a limited budget, I suggest skipping the hair and makeup trial. Do your research and make sure you are in love with your hair and makeup artist’s style. Your artist will ask you questions about you, your wedding and other details so that they can achieve your perfect look.

W41k:  Are there any particular questions you suggest that a bride should ask of any makeup artist she’s thinking of working with before contracting them as a wedding vendor?


1. Do you work on location?
2. What can I do to prepare before my wedding day?
3. Do you offer any extras such as lip touch up kits, false lashes or do I need to supply them?

W41k: What qualities make a bride someone you enjoy working with as a vendor in the wedding industry?

Kirstie: I love working with brides who love what I do. Bridal makeup is a collaboration. I want as much inspiration as you can give me so that I can make you look and feel your best on your wedding day.  Be communicative about what you’re looking for, and hope to achieve and your makeup artist will happily help you look amazing on your wedding day!


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