When that special someone gets down on one knee and utters those magical words: “Will You Marry Me?” and you accept, there are so many exciting things that you and your fiancé get to look forward to. From planning your lovely wedding day to a romantic honeymoon, and everything in between. But first things first. Now that you are engaged you should have a fabulous engagement party. There are so many different ways to celebrate your love and a party is the perfect way to start counting down to your big day. Here are some steps that will ensure your party will go off without a hitch.

Pick a host

When deciding who you want to host your engagement party keep in mind you want someone who can devote the right amount of time it takes to throw a marvelous party. Traditionally an engagement party is a time when all family members, co-workers, and friends come together to celebrate the happy couple so choose your host wisely. That said, unless it’s family, you probably shouldn’t ask someone to throw you a fete. Traditionally, the bride’s family hosts the first engagement party, but many couples these days are hosting their own!

Choose a date

Engagement parties are typically held soon after the beautiful couple gets engaged. Many people like to join in the festivities, so be sure to pick a date that works for everyone. You want both the bride and groom’s family to be there.

Create a guest list

The couple needs to sit down and take time to write down who they would like to attend and it is important to think abut the size of the party, the more people you invite the more expensive the party will be. The host should then send out all of the invites once the guest list is completed.

Decide on a place

When thinking about where to have your engagement party think what type of party atmosphere you want. For instance if you want a loud party with dancing and lots of people opt for a private room at a restaurant. Or if you are looking for something more low key, a family member or friends house may be a better choice and will be much more affordable.

Send out invitations

There are many ways to do this, you can keep it simple and just write a handwritten note or you can purchase fancy and elegant invites. If your host is tech savvy they can even send the invites via email which is way more budget friendly.

Decide on a menu

For an engagement party you do not need to plan a five course meal – save that for your wedding day. Try fun and festive appetizers, a simple buffet or a casual cookout, all of these will work.

Choose a party theme

Select a theme that reflects you as a couple. Although this is a special party you do not want to upstage your wedding. Keep things simple and affordable, by adding a few flowers it will spice up any gathering.

Pick out the perfect outfit

Opt for a outfit that compliments the theme of your party. For a casual get-together a nice sun dress is a great option, if your venue is more upscale a nice fitted dress is a great alternative. For your fiancé, a casual suit jacket over jeans with nice shoes looks great for just about any location, and if possible, his outfit should definitely compliment yours.

The engagement party is one of the first events that you and your fiancé will plan together so make sure you two start your wedding festivities off with a bang and a awesome engagement party!

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