Traditionally, the Father of the Bride would stump up the costs of the wedding day for the newlyweds. But there was never any particular set tasks for the Mother of the Bride. Being a fantastic Mother of the Bride used to be just about looking great on the big day! However, roles and responsibilities are slowly changing. This means the bride’s mum is becoming more involved with many couples’ weddings. Here’s how you can help out on your daughter’s special day.

Happy bride with her mother

Help With Decision Making

Your daughter will be busy with so much planning that she could get quite stressed in the run-up to her big day. So help her make some decisions. You’ll be able to offer your tastes when she’s in the bridal shop looking for her dream dress. You can also help her and her partner when choosing a menu for the reception. As long as you aren’t too overbearing, your daughter will certainly appreciate your help!

Compile The Guest List

One task you can do to help ease your daughter’s workload is to help compile the guest list. You will probably know some distant relatives who should be invited, but who your daughter may forget about! And you’ll be able to help provide the contact details for your whole family and old family friends. Another thing to take charge of would be to get all the names of your guests’ plus ones. Don’t forget to speak to the groom’s family about their guests. Just make sure that the final guest list has everyone your daughter wants to invite – don’t be pushy about inviting your friends since this is her day.

Arrange Wedding Gifts

Traditionally, there will be a whole table put aside for the guests to place their gifts to the newlyweds. At the end of the day, the bride and groom will just want to get to their hotel room for some much-needed rest. Help out by collecting together all their presents and take them home. You could even set up the wedding table at the beginning of the day. There are loads of cute table ideas online at websites like

Help with set up, if needed -

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The Hen Do

Team up with the chief bridesmaid to organise an amazing hen do for your daughter! According to tradition, the Mother of the Bride shouldn’t be too involved with the hen do. But nowadays many views on this stuffy idea are changing. You’ll be able to help give your daughter the party she deserves! And also, you could try and prevent things from getting too wild!

Look Fab

As the Mother of the Bride, you will be one of the most photographed people at the wedding. After the happy bride and groom of course! So put some thought into your outfit for the day. Try and find a dress that suits your figure and will stand out from the crowd. But you don’t want to overshadow the bride! Need some inspirations? Then visit

Being the Mother of the Bride is a great honour and something you should definitely enjoy! You’ll love the day even more if you know you helped organise the celebrations!

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