A body lift, more commonly referred to as skin surgery, is a surgical technique that is employed to individuals that have undergone an enormous weight loss. The mechanism used to achieve weight loss, be it dieting, and exercise or bariatric surgery does not matter. This is because losing a tremendous amount of weight in a relatively short period leaves a lot of sagging skin all over the place. Thus, you may be excited with the weighing scale numbers but are not happy with what you see in the mirror.

Bariatric surgery is especially exceptional regarding the significant weight that it helps you lose. Patients typically lose anywhere between 50 and 80% of the excess mass in a 1-4 year period depending on the technique employed. Thus, this kind of fat loss will see the skin that was once stretched to accommodate those extra pounds now droop. This is the problem that body lifting corrects by using either, or a combination of these procedures; liposuction, tummy tuck, or arm lift.

The above body lift procedures are typically performed around two years after losing the excess weight to allow the individual to adapt to their new body and lifestyle which now encompasses regular exercise and dieting. Managing to maintain this new weight makes the body lift much more effective while also curbing the possibility of excess skin becoming a pain in the future.

Why You Should Consider Body Lifting

Even though it is the weight loss accompanied by changes in lifestyle that make you healthy, it is body lifting that reshapes you leaving you happy and confident with your body. If a slim and well-toned body that accentuates your features and effort is not reason enough to make you consider body lifting, then the discomfort and body image that is accompanied by sagging skin should.

Drooping skin makes you hyper-aware of your body, and as such, it affects your self-confidence. Additionally, excess skin makes you susceptible to:

• Fungal infections

• Poor posture

• Painful skin rashes

• Back and neck pain

• Uncomfortable chafing

• Difficulty finding clothes that hide or fit your body

• Less freedom when moving or exercising

Benefits of Body Lifting

It is the effort applied in body lift procedures that ensure your sacrifices and efforts shine through to the outside world. Body lifting is the final piece to the puzzle that is transforming from an overweight, unhealthy individual to a healthy person with the physique to match. This boosts your self-esteem significantly.

Body lifting offers you:

• A trimmer, firmer, and tighter look all around your body

• Natural looking body contours which accentuate your masculine or feminine features.

• More alternatives when shopping for clothes. So you don’t need to always look for plus size clothing to hide your folds.

• More freedom when undertaking physical activities and movements. No more thigh rubbing or jiggles while walking.

• Freedom from skin infections and chaffing.

• Less body awareness which allows you to enjoy moments without fear of being judged.

Types of body lifting procedures

Various surgical techniques fall into the realm of body lifting procedures. However, it typically takes a combination of body lift techniques to bring forth the desired outcome.

Body contouring techniques are most commonly employed to eliminate the infamous abdominal apron which consists of excess fat and skin in the stomach area. In fact, the abdominal skin is one of the most overstretched areas of the skin surface in addition to having the least amount of collagen (the protein responsible for the skin’s elasticity).

A reasonable skin sag from a slightly above average weight loss can be by an Apronectomy or Tummy Tuck. A massive weight loss, on the other hand, such as one that requires bariatric surgery could need a more advanced approach such as a belt lipectomy plus liposuction.

Here are the more popular body lifting procedures:

1. Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) – This procedure eliminates excess fat and skin in the lower and upper abdominal area. When coupled with core exercises, it helps accentuate your abdominal muscles while tightening your stomach tissue.

2. Belt Lipectomy (Lower Body Lift) – Belt lipectomy typically involves stripping off a belt of skin around the lower back, hips, and abdominals. After that, the lower section is lifted to reach the upper portion – thus why it is referred to as a lower-body-lift. This technique will create firmer buttocks, thighs, hips, and abdomen. It is one of the most common post-weight loss procedures.

3. Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) – a Brachioplasty is a technique undertaken to help eliminate the excess fat and sagging skin in the upper-arm-area spanning from the elbow all the way to the armpit.

4. Thighplasty (Thigh Lift) – Thighplasty is a surgical technique that targets the thigh area. It is typically combined with liposuction for best results. Apart from removing excess fat and skin in the inner thighs, it offers immense relief from chafing thighs.

5. Liposuction – this procedure involves targeting fat deposits all around the body and eliminating them thus leaving it more toned and slim. This famous body lift procedure is typically used to complement other techniques.

6. Breast Lift – This surgical method removes a significant amount of fat in the breast tissue while also incorporating a breast lift procedure to realign the now shapely breasts into a more natural position. Breast lifts alleviate back and neck pains as well as eliminating rashes and boosting self-esteem.

7. Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction) – This is a treatment for males that have enlarged breast tissue that is either caused by excessive weight loss or genetic and medical conditions. Gynecomastia is effective at also reducing excess fat and tissue in the surrounding areas.

Body lift procedures play a crucial role as the final piece of the transformation journey. After losing massive amounts of weight, the skin that was formerly extended will now be left naturally sagging. As such, body lifting will help alleviate this problem. Doctors Plastic Surgery has a team of highly experienced plastic surgeons specializing in body lift in New York City and Chicago, IL. They utilize state of the art technology to offer the best treatments at reasonable rates. Contact them today at https://www.doctorsplasticsurgery.com for a free consultation.

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