Choosing a wedding venue is a tricky task. Choosing the perfect wedding venue, meanwhile, is even harder. Hence, here are just 5 top tips for doing exactly tat, and to take the stress out of the task so that you can instead enjoy finding the ideal place to say ‘I do’.

The Weather / Season

Here in Britain, it is said we are weather obsessed, but because over half of our days annually are overcast if not downright drizzly, it is no wonder. Bad weather can get in the way of just about everything and dampen the mood a great deal if it is not taken into consideration early on. Hence, consider carefully the season in which you both plan to wed before booking a venue.
When considering one of Britain’s best-loved places to get hitched and often voted the most romantic location in Britain to get married, according to Lake District Country Hotels, the Lake District, never is this more important to avoid the weather literally raining on your parade.

Despite the fact that the lake district is stunning all year round, on a wet day it tends to be very wet and whilst this only intensifies its miles of luscious greenery and provides its views with some eye-popping vegetation, gazing out over it all from beneath a wild and windy gazebo or rolling up to your reception bedraggled and drenched is enough to snuff out the excitement of anyone’s big day.

Therefore, when looking at venues take the weather and season into careful consideration. Further, don’t just rely on the weather report or season, but speak to venue providers directly in your chosen location. Not only are they experts at providing venues for weddings and living and working in the area in which you choose to wed, they will know best about seasons, what to expect weather wise and how to advise you when booking yours.

Make a Joint Decision

Choosing a wedding venue provides you and your partner the perfect opportunity to begin making decisions as a team. Further, because your big day is all about the fact that you and another person are essentially joining forces forever after, to make sure you both stand to enjoy a happily ever after, it is imperative that the decision of where to tie the knot and / or hold your reception is a joint decision.

Then and therefore, communication is key. After all, choosing the right venue will involve making sure where you wed is the result of having come together as one unit and in turn the venue itself will stand as a symbol of your having combined forces with your other half – so make it matter if your vows do!


One of the least romantic aspects of wedding planning, but one of the most important is that of deciding on a budget. Consequently perhaps, far too many UK couples fail to do this properly or even, and at worst, overlook the matter of establishing a budget or determining one altogether. To avoid becoming one of those such couples and ensure your big day dreams very much come true, always set a realistic budget – and stick to it. Even if it transpires that your budget is going to be a small one, facing it, accepting it and working with it rather than beyond your means, despite them or against them, will ensure that finding a venue doesn’t turn from a dream come true to nightmare realised.

Further, when setting a budget do not forget to factor in catering, alcohol and a little for any extras such as entertainment. Reiterated, never assume a venue will provide the perfect all-in-one package that provides all of these things. Instead, read up on how to get your budget right by giving the advice featured on the Wedding Ideas Mag website a read before you begin your search.


Where you marry is likely to become a massively important place that also holds a special place in your heart forever more. Hence, getting it right is not simply a matter of getting the venue right. Rather, a location will involve thinking carefully about the following factors:


Some locations in the UK are more popular than others when it comes to hosting weddings. As aforementioned and for example, the Lake District is hugely popular amongst Brits due to being home to some of the country’s best-loved and quintessentially British scenery and backdrops, country houses and landscapes. Then, many of its hotels, country homes and venues book up fast. Consequently, when choosing a location, factor in how soon you plan to wed and make sure you book your venue asap to avoid disappointment.


Perhaps you live in the Scottish highlands but dream of getting wed in picturesque Port Merion. That is absolutely fine, of course, but when planning to get married away from home, you will need to take your guests into special consideration. That is, can all of your guests travel, afford to go away to get to your wedding, and where will everybody stay? Further, how will everybody get there and back? If you cannot answer these questions, don’t expect your guests to. Instead, factor them into your search before saying ‘I do’ to a venue.


Venues where you live, if you live in London for example, can be expensive. Then, to save money without forfeiting that dream country house reception, it is worth considering travelling a little out of The Capital to afford it.

That said, travelling too far from where you live can achieve the opposite and stands to decimate your budget, as well as the cost for your guests, as travel and accommodation will go up exponentially with the amount of miles you go from home.

Hence, think carefully about how to establish a balance between distance and price. Further, doing so will often result in identifying the perfect area in which to begin venue hunting.

Ask for Advice

Whether you have it all planned out in your head or haven’t a clue where to begin, there is no better advice when planning a wedding and choosing or securing a venue for the right price and which ticks all the boxes than to ask or talk to the experts. After all, that is why they are there.

Fortunately, even for those who do not employ their own wedding planner and haven’t yet decided on a venue to make use of any wedding planners employed by a venue, the internet is full of free and fantastic advice to ensure every couple has their dream day and fairytale wedding.

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