When it comes to pre-wedding partying, or getting down and dirty at your bachelor party, you don’t have to get down and dirty with a bunch of strippers. Our Groomsmen need a little love sometimes, and some credit when it comes to throwing a bash without the strippers, tigers, tattoos and not bringing some random girls’ baby home. To my fabulously classy male readers: a guide on how to throw down with your boys and keep it classy at your bachelor party.

Get Your Shine On

Grab some white lightnin’ and get your shine on. Whiskey tastings are one of the swankiest ways to celebrate your pending nuptials. Think burgers, white whisky paddles, cigars, and cards. Plan a private event at home or in a local restaurant. Hit the open road where the shining blood runs deep on the Tennesse Whiskey Trail or go to the Carolina Shine Fest in Madison NC — featuring some of the best darn moonshines in the South, like Catdaddy. You’ll be talking a different language after a night like this!

Road Trip!

Some friends of mine once drove to New Orleans and rented this sweet condo on Bourbon Street with a pinball machine for $200 bucks. Probably a night, but if you want to splurge plan on going to a city that doesn’t sleep. Try places like Beale Street, Memphis; Bourbon Street, New Orleans; Broadway in Nashville; Las Olas Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale–I can’t help it. I’m a southern girl, so party it up on an infamous street for the night and you can’t go wrong.

Grand Theft Auto

Throw down with some “five dollar pizza pizza”, a case of brew, Madden, FIFA, NBA2k, Call of Duty, Halo, whatever floats your virtual boat and just kill one another all night long. If you’re a console gamer or just want a super-chill kind of classy night, then this is the way to go!    

Rent A Party Boat   

Check out your local lakes or lake district for a party boat rental and set sail for a few days of bachelor fun in the sun. These things have a fridge for the brewskis, slides, tubes, and one hell of a view both day and night for one classy couple of days. **Sunscreen is not included, so be sure to bring some. Your future wife may kill you if you show up looking like you spent the weekend with Zach Galifianakis.

Go Ape

Book an outdoor adventure and Go Ape in the tree tops. No really, this company is amazing! For about $55 a person you can go on the most amazing zip line and tree adventure ever. With some zips 50 feet and above off the ground, you will have the most fun of your life swinging like Tarzan from tree to tree. From the East Coast to England, there’s one in several cities/forests, so suit up and swing out for a classy little bachelor adventure.

Bonus Idea: Throw a Themed Party

They say that boys don’t actually grow up. Their toys just get bigger and more expensive. A themed party is a great opportunity for the gang to show off the toys they have amassed through the years, especially if it’s a theme centered around a comic book series or a movie franchise. If you really want to go all out, make it a costume party and insist that all guests follow the theme. There’s nothing cooler than throwing a period-themed party and having everyone dressed in steampunk clothing.

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