After the engagement, the bride and the groom roll up their sleeves and start the planning. Amidst the hustle and bustle of preparations, there are heaven-sent people who make everything easier and more manageable. They take part and carry some of the weight and pressure of planning for a wedding.

The bride has her bridesmaids and maid of honor. The groom has the groomsmen and best man to get his back. Whether it is moral support, words of encouragement, hands-on practical help like driving and accompanying you to various appointments, your life as a groom sails smoothly because of your trusted buddies.

They organize a memorable stag party, rent their own tuxedos, and fly many miles just to be with you on your special day. It is only customary to show them your heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.

There are many ways to do this. Here are some of them.

Taking them on a Guy’s Night Out

You might live in different states and this is the only time you can all get together. Grab the chance to catch up on each other’s lives by going out and having a good time.

A night out does not always mean girls and booze. You can head down to your favorite college pub or watch your favourite game on a sports bar. You can also have dinner on a restaurant you frequent when you were still living in the same city.

If you are doing this after the wedding rehearsal and the day before the wedding, you must be careful not to drink a lot. A hangover the next morning can be disastrous.

Getting them a Nice Token they can Keep

Most unique groomsmen gift ideas are thoughtful yet not overly luxurious. They are supposed to be a tribute to your unique bond and a “thank-you” for not only showing up on the wedding but for doing their responsibilities without qualms. You wouldn’t want the gifts simply discarded in the bottom of the drawer.

Guy things like leather flasks, cufflinks, decanter, beer mugs, and belts can be good ideas. To take it to the next level, you can also have those items personalized. Tailor the gifts according to each individual’s personality. You would want to give a book or a moleskin journal to your writer friend instead of a bottle of spirit.

Doing Something Fun and Memorable

Your wedding might be held near a coastal town or a sports stadium. This is the best time to head down to the beach, surf, and bond with your best friends. Or you can watch your favorite football team live. You can even have a simple barbecue in the backyard. Just remember not to go for adventurous escapades that might put any of you in danger of being hurt or injured.

Saying Thank You

You might have bought gifts or treated them to dinner, but doing is still different from saying. You should also verbalize your gratitude by telling them “thank you.” Letting them know how much you appreciate their presence on your special day is a complementary gesture to the thoughtful tokens you prepared for them. This way, they will know that it is really worth it to spend their time, energy, and effort in attending your wedding. 

Showing them your gratitude might cost you money and effort, but it is nothing compared to the dedication and commitment of your best crew. They make your last days as a bachelor worthwhile, after all. You may do this before, during, or after the wedding—it doesn’t really matter when. Just remember to make it thoughtful and personal.

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