Doesn’t every woman dream of being a super stylish bride? You only get one wedding day (you hope), so you want to get it spot on. This means choosing a brilliant hairdresser, makeup artist, and the perfect dress for the big day. The day might be over in a flash, but the pictures will last forever! These tips will help you to become a super stylish bride! header image from

Dress To Match Your Wedding Theme

If you have a theme for your wedding, make sure you dress to match it. A vintage wedding calls for a vintage looking bride. A rockabilly wedding calls for the same kind of bride. You want to blend in with the theme to set the tone for the day and make it clear of the style you’re going for.

Pay Special Attention to Your Hair and Makeup

Pay close attention to your hair and makeup if you want to look super stylish. Let’s say you’ve gone for the vintage wedding theme; having vintage inspired hair and makeup is important too. A vintage updo and a subtle cat flick will all add to the theme of the day and make you look polished. You definitely don’t need to go for the standard bridal up-do or barely-there makeup look. This is your day, and you need to be happy with your hair and makeup!

Pick the Right Accessories

Your accessories will make a big difference to how you look on your big day, so make sure you choose them carefully. Do you think a tiara or a veil will suit the day and the look you’re going for bets? If you’ve chosen one of the popular designer engagement rings that are popular this year, you’ll want to show that off too. There are all kinds of unique accessories depending on the look you’re going for.

Show off Your Personality

Your wedding day is a great time to show off your personality. This day is all about you, so you can make it as personalised and unique as you like. If you’ve never been fond of the idea of having a white dress, don’t feel obligated to have one. You can have any color you like! Just be sure to inform guests of any colors they are not to wear to the wedding, to avoid clashing with you. Having somebody confuse a friend for the bride won’t be very pleasing!

Think Outside the Box a Little

Not a traditional kind of person? Why not go for something a little different? Instead of going for a full-length gown, go for something shorter if it’s more your style. Tea-length gowns are beautiful, elegant and back in style! Look online for tons of alternative wedding ideas that you will love if you don’t want to blend in with all of the other brides. You can definitely look breathtaking and unique at the same time.

Hopefully, today’s guest post has given you some inspiration to become a super stylish bride. There’s no need to blend in with anybody else on your big day. Let your personality and style shine through, and you’ll look incredible!

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