Everybody would like to believe that their wedding is going to be the one wedding that outdoes them all. But most people are a little deluded – keep it together, people!. In many cases, once you’ve attended one wedding, you’ve attended them all most of them. While you want your wedding day to be really special for you and your partner, you also want your guests to have a fabulous time celebrating with you. After all, if that wasn’t the case, why wouldn’t you just elope and have a low-key wedding? These ridiculously simple ways to improve your wedding will make it so much better for everybody!

Keep The Ceremony Short

Although the ceremony is where the actual magic happens, this is probably the most boring part for all of your guests. If it drags on for too long you’ll bore everybody to tears. If possible, go for a shorter ceremony so you can all dig into the food and drink and start having fun ASAP.

Create a Comfy Lounge Area

A comfy lounge area is perfect for people who have been dancing all night and need a rest. It should keep many of your guests with you for longer, as they have somewhere to chill when it starts getting late. You want them to feel so comfortable that they don’t want to leave you too early on!

Get Guests Involved In Playlist Creation

Instead of putting the playlist together yourself, get guests involved in it. Ask them to include a song they’d love to be played on their RSVP card, and make sure you give them to the DJ in advance. This is a move that’s bound to get everybody up on their feet! You could even surprise some of your loved ones with their own wedding song!

Build Up More Of A Hype Around The Day

Build up more hype around your wedding day to get everybody really excited. You can do this a number of ways. Create amazing invitations giving hints as to what to expect on the day. You can even create your own custom snapchat geofilters for your wedding. This means all of your guests can snapchat your special day and let everybody know where they are!

Focus On Food And Drink

The food and the drink are two of the most important things on the day. They’ll have a big impact on the time you give your guests. If your guests are happy with the meals and the drinks you present to them, they are bound to enjoy themselves no matter what. Make sure you choose delicious foods that you know your guests will love, and maybe even have some surprises. For example, a midnight snack cart or a pick and mix stand. You can also create a custom cocktail!

Personalise It As Much As Possible

Personalise your wedding as much as possible to differentiate it from the rest. By making it all about you and your other half, it’s sure to stand out from the crowd!

What will you do to improve your wedding day?

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