Weddings, just like funerals, bring out the worst in families. Being raised in a totally southern family, I always thought mine was dysfunctional. Then I started reading internet forums and posts from brides and brides to be on how their families treated them. So, to all of you brides that want to take your wedding back, it’s time to build the balls to tell someone to “Butt the F out” here’s just how to politely tell your sister, sister-in-law, MIL, Mother–whoever, that she can butt the f*$£ out of your wedding plans!

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The Tell Tale Signs

Rude comes out in all shapes and sizes when it comes to your wedding. I’ve heard and seen it all. For instance:

  • My friend swears to this day that her cousin who got married 10 years ago stole her first dance song, then it was her color palette, then her actual dress–the list goes on. She stole nothing. I’ve talked about this before with readers. If you are getting married in the here and now, you do what you want with any kind of music, decor and especially what you wear down the dang aisle.
  • I was literally at a Hen Do and my friend’s sister got so totally bent out of shape because she wasn’t in control. First it was glamping, and that was just deplorable to her rich snobby arse–even though she was raised on the countryside of England. Second, she hated the fact that she wasn’t as good at arts and crafts and just got mad because she couldn’t get her craft to glue right so she stormed off. Eventually, it got to the point where she stormed off and left the campground right before the big party–because she was such a see you next tuesday that even her younger sister said, “She’s not the center of attention for once and she just can’t handle it.”
  • The girl who tied the knot before you did, so you have to listen to everything she says because you can’t do things the same way as her, but you can’t really do them much different either. I don’t even know, but yeah–it happens.


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The Most Polite Way To Take your Wedding Back

Simply pull an “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”…

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You just literally put your foot down and tell the person to their face what they are doing, why it is wrong and that “you’re doing your wedding your way, and if they don’t like it–they don’t have to be a part of your very special day.” If all else fails just, enlist said snarkiest, most witty bridesmaid, to tell them to butt the F out for you!

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