If you’re planning a wedding in 2016, the big day is already fast approaching. While every bride to be has been thinking about this day since childhood, there’s a good chance this is your first time of doing it for real. Even if this isn’t your first wedding, your experience is very limited.

This can make the process very scary. You will only get one chance to get things right on the big day. Moreover, the costs involved heap on a whole host of added pressures. Thankfully, these top tips will ensure that you get the magical day you both deserve.


One of the first things you need to do as a couple is sit down and work out the budget. There’s no point overspending on half a wedding and then finding out you’ve no money left to complete your dreams.

Living thrifty isn’t exactly the priority when planning the most romantic day of your lives. However, cutting out some of the smaller expenses will free up funds for more important items. Meanwhile, it gives your special day an added sense of individualism too.

Another money saving tip is to ask certain guests for help with the wedding rather than buying a gift. Even small contributions help.

Book Venue Early

The perfect wedding is comprised of many different aspects. However, the setting is fundamental to every single factor. Therefore, it has to be one of the first items you get confirmed. Not only will this provide the right foundation for your magical day, but it also gives you more time to advise guests about your decisions.

Pristine wedding function rooms are a fantastic way to get your preparations off to the perfect start. Furthermore, you can speak to those planners about themes and other key aspects. If nothing else, knowing that this item is taken care of will put your mind at ease. This could be vital as you continue your plans.

The Dress

When dreaming about the perfect wedding as a little girl, the wedding dress was central. Guess what, it will be equally important on the big day too. After all, looking like a million dollars will make you feel like it too. That’s the very least you deserve on your big day.

Quite frankly, a lot of smaller items will go unnoticed. But this is one you cannot afford to get wrong. Knowing the latest trends will stand you in great stead. If funds are really tight, you could find the perfect option and have a similar garment designed overseas. As long as it makes you feel like a princess, it is the right dress for you.


There’s no use having the perfect wedding venue if you cannot arrive in style. The transport to your destination is crucial, and you cannot afford to overlook it.

This arrival is something you’ll only enjoy once, and you should be made to feel like a star. The best wedding cars don’t just tick this box, but their added comfort ensure that your appearance stays perfect for when you reach the venue.

These are the key areas that you must plan early because failure to do so can cause big problems. Besides, most of the other minor issues will naturally fall into place. Get your priorities in order, and the day will be everything you hoped for and more.

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