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Easy, elegant and mostly free, this organic hanging branches decor piece is surprisingly simple to pull together. If your wedding is on a tight budget of $1000 or less, this beauty can add a lot of charm without the cost.

Here’s how to pull it off:

  1. Grab a fallen tree branch off the ground in your background or nearby park that’s the length you prefer for your decor. Strip the bark off for a cleaner look.
  2. Next, gather greenery branches from your own yard, the local nursery or the craft store if you want artificial ones. You’ll want enough to fill the branch with a few inches in between. Lengths can be all the same or vary, depending on the effect you’re going for.
  3. Using any sturdy craft string or yarn you have lying around the house, cut a length of string that’s about 8”-12” long, depending on how much spacing you want between the tree branch and the greenery. Cut additional pieces the same length, equaling the number of greenery branches you need to tie.
  4. To attach a branch of greenery to the tree branch, fold a piece of string in half. On one end, attach the greenery branch. On the other end, tie a knot, creating a large loop in between. Repeat for each branch of greenery. One by one, slide each leaf branch onto the tree branch, in the order you want them to appear. They can be arranged from smallest to largest, randomly, from smallest to largest and back to largest to create a peak at the center and in other ways also.
  5. Finally, cut a long piece of string roughly double the length of your main wooden branch. Tie each end of the string onto each end of the wooden branch. Hang onto a hook or nail.

Here’s a summary of the supplies you’ll need:

  • 1 sturdy, dry wooden branch
  • Greenery branches, such as eucalyptus
  • Sturdy white string, thread or yarn in the color you prefer
  • Scissors
  • Hook or nail for hanging

See the video here for the full how-to!


Kim is the founder of Tre Bella, an Arizona wedding venue that delivers platinum-style weddings affordably. With a true love for design and a stress-free coordination process, Kim keeps gorgeous urban weddings within reach for busy couples.

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