Buy vs. Rent - what's best for YOUR budget? - weddingfor1000.comSome people will tell you there are items you must rent and items you must buy when it comes to throwing a wedding. Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t necessarily have to do things the way anyone else says. With the modern bride going more toward DIY and buying used wedding items there are definitely ways to cut your budget without breaking the bank. All while keeping your sanity until the day you say “I do”. Photo credit

The Thing About Buying

A lot of bridal magazines and websites will tell you to buy things like custom signage, jewelry, and linens. You’ll look at the price of these items and think:

MFW: I'm told mother In law is visiting.. For 2 weeks.. And she's staying in our room while we sleep in the guest bed.. Fml. Shes stuck up... If she's the guest why the are you sleeping in the guest bed?

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Then they will tell you to rent things like votives. Like Jesse Tombs at Alison Events claims “Buying simple glass candle votive holders may seem like a great investment, but what are you going to do with 300 wax-covered glass votive holders after your wedding?”  You’re going to sell them on Ebay. Duh. Yes, it’s worth the investment if you have the time or resources to resell them. Alternatively, repurpose them into take away gifts for your guests. Some people like tchotchkes.

The Thing About Rentals

Buy vs. Rent your swag - what's best?

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One of the most brilliant concepts for the modern bride is renting your swag. You can rent everything these days down to your jewelry, so when someone tells you to buy it–don’t do it unless you can find a budget friendly way to do so!

Don’t be afraid to be thrifty and compare prices. Hell, don’t be afraid to get your accessories from a thrift store. Those places can be gold mines for designer accessories! Don’t forget about consignment shops, either!

Items that are cost effective to rent:

  • Table linens
  • Tuxedos
  • Jewelry
  • Wedding Dress

Just Do It Yourself

There are some great wedding resale websites out there, where you can help another bride out while saving on your budget. Make your own custom wedding signs. There are loads of creative ideas out there and ways to keep from renting or buying them first hand. You can buy pre-loved items at Ruffled. Tradesy has everything from table cloths to votives, even aisle runners.

Items that are cost effective to grab second hand:

  • Votives and decor that can be re-sold
  • Custom Wedding Signs
  • Table Runners and Small Linens

When it all comes down to your budget be sure to look into buy and renting the items. If neither of those options suits your budget, turn to second-hand wedding purchases. That truly is the way to throw a wedding for $1000. Recycle, reuse, and say “I do”.

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