Trading your wedding dress for cash after the day is over is one thing. Selling shoes and accessories is another ball game entirely. Have no fear! There are loads of resale websites online that will help you get rid of the things that just aren’t all that sentimental and help you recoup some of your budget.

100 Layer Cake

This is the place to get rid of your wedding shoes, headpiece and those trendy mason jars you used as a vase for your centerpieces! 100 Layer Cake’s Marketplace is simple and easy to use. Simply create an account for free and list away all those unwanted wedding accessories.

suit-couple-blue-shoes (1)Bravo Bride

The Ebay of the bridal world, Bravo Bride is a great place to sell bridal accessories including jewelry, shoes and dresses. Almost all items are free to list making fees less than Ebay, and they never charge a commission upon sale. You can feature an item to appear on the homepage for $9.95 and these guys offer a handy guide to help you set your prices!

Project Wedding

Project Wedding is a little like Craigslist in how it lists items. While it’s a super-basic way to list several items at once, you can create an account for free, get information on local bridal swaps and more!

hairstyle-decoration-hair-weddingRecycled Bride/Tradesy

I knew of both sites, and now if you try and link to Recycled Bride it takes to straight to Tradesy. Ha!

Tradesy is the one stop shop for listing loads of items including shoes and accessories, dresses, bridesmaid gowns–the whole lot! If that doesn’t sound awesome, you get a free shipping kit with labels, so you never even have to leave your house. Did I mention they handle returns for you, and you keep your earnings? Yep. Tradesy does charge a 9% earnings fee, but if you’re selling in bulk this is the way to go!

The best part about these websites is that they each have links that can easily be shared across your facebook, twitter, blog, pinterest, instagram, or snapchat! Just simply screenshot and tag the items for extra exposure. Ask friends and family to get involved and next thing you know, you’ve got cold hard cash in your pocket!


Don’t meet someone alone to sell your items. Always take a buddy, and be sure to exchange money via cash or paypal. While I’d love to think people always have your best interest at heart, they don’t. And a newlywed is the perfect person to target or catch off guard. Keep your wits about you when reselling.

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