If you’re planning on getting married, my guess is that you don’t want it to blend in with the rest of the weddings your guests have been to. You want to make your wedding memorable, so you can talk and smile about it for years to come. Here are some of my tips to help you!

Consider What is Important to You Both

Your wedding needs to reflect the things that are important to you both if you’re going to make it memorable. If you want to recreate your first date, or the first gift your other half ever bought for you, then do that. You can incorporate it with the color scheme, table names, and more. Write a list of the things you both love and try to incorporate them somehow. The more personal it is to the pair of you, the better.

Create the Playlist Yourself

Instead of getting a cheesy DJ to create the playlist, create it yourself to make it more personal. Include songs you both like, and maybe even songs you know your family and friends enjoy. If there are other couples at the wedding, you could even incorporate ‘their’ songs to get them up and dancing. Make sure you include both slower songs and faster songs to get people on the dancefloor.

Ask for Suggestions

If you like, you could ask your guests for suggestions on what they’d like to see at your wedding. This could be in terms of entertainment, music, food…anything. Ask them to send one song suggestion with their RSVP card and put it on the playlist. You’ll never run out of ideas for music this way!

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Make Your Dance a Little Different

At some point, you and your other half will have your first dance. Make it a little different. You don’t need to start breakdancing like so many couples do these days, but you could maybe choreograph something special if you have the time.

Make the Food Special

The food is a really quick way to impress the guests. I like the idea of having fun canapes, like mini fish and chips. You can even have some sweet treats in the form of a candy cart. The better it all looks, the better it’ll taste – even if it is subconscious. You can find sweet carts and other treats in just about any candy store. One that has done weddings before would be best.  

Create Different ‘Areas’

Some guests tend to get a little bored at weddings. To make sure everybody is having a good time, you could make sure you create different ‘areas’. You could have a games area, relaxing area, and an area to dance.

Have a Different Kind of Guestbook

Instead of having a regular guestbook, have a different kind. You could have your guests each write a nice note, then drop it in a jar. You can read back on these notes every day or whenever you feel like it. You could even have them sign an item that means something to both of you, like a musical instrument.

Have an incredible day!

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