Be sure to inform your guests in the coolest way possible what to expect on your big day. Instead of being Little Miss Bossy Pants, get yourself a sweet website together with chill banter and witty quips and phrases. Of course, if you’re a super-serious bride you can still have fun with your loved ones. Date and time aren’t all they need to know, so check out our easy ways to help you design the best wedding website ever.

Date Time Place

Hello, Captain Obvious. Of course, you need to let the guests know where to be. This is also for those people who really didn’t pay attention to the venue name and needed to look it up on their phone five minutes before they get there.

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Include a savvy little map linked to Google, so your guests can just GPS that stuff from their phone. Or print it at home if they’re the reading type. Either way, you can let you guests know where the venue is, reception venue is, and where nearby hotels are located as well.


Give your guests a little RSVP section where they can put their name and plus one in on their laptop, mobile phone or tablet. In the age of voice search and voice type, this is the coolest way to keep guests organized. That and if your friends are anything like mine, they will totally go into slacker mode and never mail the dang RSVP card back anyhow.

Meal Options

This is really cool if you are having a sit-down dinner and someone has special dietary needs. You will no doubt have some a-hole guest like me that is allergic to mushrooms and anchovies. Do you know how many things are cooked with both of those? Like a gazillion, including bread. That I can’t have either because I have a dang gluten intolerance. It’s for real and makes me mad. Because I love bread. So, give your guests a way to let you know what they want to eat. You’ll thank me later.

What’s Going On

People don’t need a detailed, tell-all itinerary. They do however need to know what to expect. Is your wedding a formal affair? Is the dress code just smart posh? Is there standing room only? Do you have an open bar? Or fancy champagne reception first? Don’t be that guy who doesn’t tell the guests what’s going on and let them leave their cash at home when you don’t have an open bar. Make them feel loved and let them in on anything that could be a secret.

All That Other Stuff

  • Include anything that you haven’t implied like if it’s kid friendly or adults only.
  • Photo booth or any cool wedding app information is pretty sweet, so guests can stay connected.
  • # information for social media tags and all that jazz is fun.
  • Include links to your wedding registry and any other website your guests may need to access.

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