The all baby’s breath trend has taken over many weddings as a low-cost alternative to expensive roses and other wedding blooms.  But there is an unsung hero when it comes to flowers for your big day.  Don’t forget about the actual plants!  Potted plants come in such a wide variety and offer the sense of life and nature in what otherwise can be stuffy places (think of a windowless, crowded church or small hotel meeting rooms). Header image source.

using greenery in your wedding

What types of plants will work for your wedding?  Like choosing flowers, plants come in many different colors and styles to fit any wedding theme.  Are you having a classic, elegant wedding?  How about clustering pots of arching orchids and candles to decorate the head table? Begonias in blushing pinks bring a pretty pop to line any aisle. Want something a little bit more eccentric? Try adding some exotic ginger plants or bromeliad plants as centerpieces at your reception.  They come in a variety of colors to match your theme.

using greenery to decorate your wedding


One of the best uses for plants is how they can shape a venue.  Did you book a venue with gorgeous walls, but not the best-looking ceiling to match? Use hanging baskets and lights to create a warm and inviting ambiance.  Or perhaps the number of RSVPs are much smaller than you had originally expected.  Now your venue looks much too big and impersonal.  Moving in tall, bushy tropical plants like tropical sweet potato plants can give the room a fresher feel, but more importantly, close off some space, so guests don’t feel like they’re roaming around aimlessly.

Placing plants on registration tables, or around cake tables can also be a beautiful way to add color and liveliness to a wedding. Other than choosing the color and type of plant that’s right for your theme, you can also personalize the plants by adding decorative picks and added touches to the plant pot itself.  For example, a nautical themed wedding may have a starfish pick, with shells glued onto the pot or an anchor tied to the pot with ribbon. A shabby chic style wedding may use burlap-wrapped pots, with pearl or diamond picks, or perhaps a DIY paper heart with the bride’s and groom’s names written on it.

these succulents do double duty, first as centerpieces, then as windowboxes

Plants can be found at a fair price at any nursery, but large discount department stores and big box stores may have seasonal plants for really low prices too. Compare a large pot of gorgeous orchids for an average of $20.00 versus an arrangement using in-season flowers filling a similar space for over $60.00.  When in season, begonias, hyacinths or mums can brighten up a room for less than $10.00 per pot.  Medium-sized floral arrangements can run from $30.00 to $50.00 and sometimes, that’s not even including the vase.  If the above has not yet convinced you that plants are the way to decorate for your wedding, one final perk on plants is that they can be ordered and picked up much earlier ahead of time, and likely won’t need to be stored in refrigeration until the wedding day.  This means one thing to cross off the list and less chaos on your big day.

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