Want to get an idea for how your wedding flowers are going to look? You need to check out Design by the Blossom.

Design by the Blossom’s interactive floral design tool allows you to create virtual wedding bouquets, centerpieces, cakes and more. Create sample designs without the cost of supplies and get the flowers you need even when they’re not in season.

“Julie and I have been life long friends and came up with the idea for Design by the Blossom when I got married. Julie was doing the flowers for my wedding and I couldn’t visualize what they would look like. That was in 2009 and we have come a long way since then. Our site offers the ability to create life-like virtual wedding bouquets, centerpieces and cakes. It is a user friendly tool that brides and florists can both use to their benefit.”

This software allows you to create virtual designs with:

  • Over 550 flower images, various ceremony structures, and Accent Decor containers
  • 12 Cake patterns and 3 cake shapes
  • Options to save and share your designs
  • Ability to change background color to reflect table linen and dress color

Here’s a demo video:

We recommend including the following phrase when providing sample designs whether they come from our virtual designer, Pinterest, or even your own work: “We have provided a virtual sample of your bouquet to bring you a step closer in visualizing the beauty that awaits for your wedding day!

This is meant to affirm that we are on the same page for your wedding style and have a shared vision. This virtual design is not intended to be replicated stem for stem that day. Your bouquet will be created with only the best blooms available that week and minor substitutions and variations in the arrangement will occur to create the most gorgeous version possible!”

Find them on Facebook here.

Current promotion: Coupon code DESIGN will save new members 20% off of a week long membership.

My favorite was reading some words of love: “I stumbled across your website by typing in “virtual bouquet maker” on Google. I am SO incredibly glad I found it! I am planning an April wedding, and since this is my second wedding I wanted something different. The first time I did what I thought was expected, and I wanted to have “MY” wedding this time. Your site allowed me to design the PERFECT bouquet. Thank you SO SO much for what you do!!!” -Hope H.

Featured photo by Daniel Lee on Unsplash

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