Giving out wedding favors can be a positive part your DIY bridal experience or your worst nightmare. That being said, you can do really nice things for your guests that won’t get thrown in the garbage right after your epic send off. Everyone loves snack foods and bath salts wedding favors – it’s a fact!

Here’s how to avoid a personal #PinterestFail and gift your guests something with style that won’t break the bank on your big day.

DIY Bath Salt Wedding Favors

Easy To Make DIY Bath Salts Wedding Favors

Simply grab a large (really large) glass mixing bowl and combine your ingredients:

  • 5 lbs. Epsom Salts
  • 50 – 100 drops of doTERRA essential oil such as lavender, sandalwood or grapefruit
  • 1-2 ounces of liquid oils (grapeseed, avocado, fractionated coconut, Vitamin E, Argan)
  • food coloring drops that match your wedding colors
  • 1 ounce baking soda
  • homemade gift tags or ribbon

After adding multiple oils to epsom salts (which turns them into bath salts) the mixture can get clumpy, moist and sticky – baking eliminates that problem. Simply baking your special bath salt mixture at 200° for 15 minutes turns your blend into a beautifully smooth, dry and clump free texture. It looks so professional your friends won’t believe that you made it! Way to save money on your wedding favors!

*When mixing your bath salts, be sure to carefully fold the drops in. Don’t just dump and mix. You want the scent and coloring to be well-blended throughout.

DIY Bath Salt Wedding Favors

Clever Combinations

When it comes to your guests, you might want to mix a few scents and create your own signature bath salt wedding favors:

  • For relaxation, try: equal parts bergamot and lavender essential oils, or lavender and sandalwood.
  • For calming, try: 2 parts lavender, 1 part geranium, 1 part rose essential oils.
  • For uplifting and stress relief, try equal parts orange, lemon and cedarwood.

DIY Bath Salt Wedding Favors

Some Things To Know About Wedding Bath Salt Favors

I’m sure there are things you might be wondering about these budget-friendly DIY wedding favors, so here you go:

How much epsom salt is needed if I’m making ___ number of favors?  

5 lb. of Epsom Salt makes about 20 4-ounce jars or wax paper bags of bath salts. If you use 6-ounce jars or bags, a 5-lb bag of epsom salt will make about 13 favors.

What is the cheapest epsom salts you can buy on Amazon?

I really love the Epsoak Epsom Salt sold in 5 lb. bags on Amazon. Here’s the cheapest bulk option I’ve found so far, and I use this stuff like it’s made of nothing (really does soothe muscle soreness, and I use a large amount).

What are the cheapest packaging options for these wedding favors?

Clear plastic favor bags are by far the cheapest option to order in bulk. Wax paper or glassine bags are also cute if you choose to tie them up with a cute ribbon and a make-at-home label (or use cute washi tape!). Now, you’ve got some seriously adorable wedding bath salt favors.

How much money can you save by making these favors yourself rather than buying them from Etsy or somewhere else? 

Bath salt wedding favors cost around $2.75 per piece on Etsy. But you can make them for around $1 (or less) per piece at home. Maybe even less, depending on how extravagant you want to get with scent combinations and food coloring.

What else can I do with these wedding favors?

You can also turn your Epsom Salt and Essential oils into Bath Bombs for about $10 more per batch of 100.

You’ll need: 1 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup citric acid, 1/2 cup Epsom salts, 1 tsp. Water, 2 tsp. favorite essential oil, 3 tsp. liquid oil, food coloring, bowl, whisk, jar, and bath bomb molds. You can find these on Amazon by scrolling down to the combination of items other people bought on the Epsom Salt page above.

What should I do if I don’t feel like doing all this work?

Let’s be honest, we might be DIY and Budget brides, but there’s only so much work we want to really do. So, if you want to make this process speed up a little bit, here’s my biggest tip:

Keep it Simple, Sister. 

Get rosemary-infused epsom salts, crush some dried rosemary (yes, from the grocery section) and pack it all up like you slaved over a hot stove for hours. Bath Salts Wedding Favors: Done!

DIY Bath Salt Wedding Favors

A Note on Essential Oils

Personally, I prefer using doTERRA essential oils for a number of reasons:

  • they’re the highest quality available essential oils and they are sourced in their natural habitat
  • doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing helps create coalitions of growers and distillers
  • fair trade practices ensure local communities receive fair and timely payments to support their families

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  1. Ian Kaul

    This is really a fantastic idea!! This would be perfect for my friend to do as she is getting married and I think that she would love this idea. I think she would have great fun with this as well as not be so stressed as to what to have as favors for her wedding. This is an affordable DIY for her to do. Thank you for the inexpensive wedding favor idea.

  2. Karen Germain

    This is a great idea for a wedding favor. I’m married, so it’s too late for my wedding, but this is also a great idea for showers and other events. I love taking baths and if I was a guest, I’d definitely use this favor. Pretty too!

  3. Bernice Olsen

    wow this is actually an excellent DIY project, especially given the cost of bath salts in stores. I actually didn’t realize making bath salts would be something i could do in my own home with stuff I actually already have (been wondering what to do with this lavender oil I occasionally put on my pillow).

    Not only is this a good idea for a budget wedding favor, it’s actually a great idea for any occasional gift you might happen to give. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a luxurious bath.

  4. Harshita

    A great idea for wedding! This is perfect for all wedding’s and I think everybody would love this idea, also this is an affordable DIY for everybody to do. Thank you for the inexpensive cum smart wedding favor idea.

    If I was still unmarried, would have preferred this concept above all.

  5. Daniel

    It’s a phenomenal idea! This would be perfect for my wedding I love the idea. It’s a cheap idea, thanks for the super accessible idea. Thank you for this website, it is very easy to do I love it. Fantastic


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