Get ready to get your groove on when it comes to nailing your walk down the aisle. The wedding march doesn’t have to be ‘Here Comes The Bride’. The modern couple is more than welcome to put their own spin on walking down the aisle. header photo credit

Whether you’re a traditional couple, a sentimentally sweet pair, or just looking for a fun way to make your wedding unique, the wedding walk is often one of the most memorable moments on your big day. From dancing, to creatively constructed songs, and that moment when girls just wanna have a little fun, we’ve got some sweet ways you can waltz down the aisle.

The Classic JK Style Entrance

Back in 2009, the couple known as Jill and Kevin started a youtube sensation and took the wedding walk by storm with their adorable dance. The entire bridal party got funky down the aisle to Forever by Chris Brown. From gymnastics to group choreography, these guys set the bar high for wedding aisle originality and gave future brides something to aspire to!

Sing Your Way Down the Aisle

One of the sweetest things you can do for your partner is to combine your gift and your walk to spend the rest of your life with him or her. Arianna beautifully sings herself down the aisle to Ryan for one tear jerking moment. So, don’t be afraid to belt out something sweet and sentimental to your partner in order to waltz down the aisle in one magical way.

Flash Mob Style

As if the JK dance down the aisle wasn’t enough, you can always do a flash mob with the entire wedding party–including parents and relatives of the happy couple. This is sincerely one of the most adorable entrances I have ever seen. Not to mention the fact that even Granny rocked it out to Lady Gaga with Jason and Evan during their sensational wedding walk.

Set The Scene For A Killer Surprise

If you’re the super-fun sort of couple this will be one sweet way to waltz down the aisle. Set the scene with traditional music for your bridal party, then mix it up when you make your grand entrance. Scott and Anna did an adorable meet halfway down while serenading one another to Bruno Mars, then classily took their place at the alter.

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