If you love Costco, you’ll definitely want to consider this store for major wedding savings. Costco is America’s largest membership-only warehouse club so I’m sure you’ve probably heard of it.

If you’ve never shopped there before you’re missing out. It’s a massive store with pretty much everything you can think of plus occasional free samples that are handed out by associates which is always a perk.

When it comes to planning an affordable wedding, you can head first to Costco’s bakery to find wedding cake supplies for your special day.

Costco Wedding Cakes

Many people think to head to a big name bakery for their wedding cake and as a result, they get charged a premium price. Cake is cake, and if you’re going with a traditional wedding cake, cupcakes, or any other dessert for your wedding, you can check out Costco’s premier bakery desserts and even order a delicious custom cake.

If you’re taking the more DIY approach when it comes to your wedding cake and desserts, Costco has everything you in terms of wedding cake supplies so you can pick up everything in one place. Costco is great for wedding supplies in general since it’s a warehouse store and sells lots of products in bulk.

If you’re looking to feed or accommodate a lot of people, you can find even more wedding supplies and materials at your local Costco.

Wedding Invitations and Stationery

Costco sells customizable wedding invitations and save the dates starting as low as 69 cents per card. Why go with an upscale printing company when you can get professional-looking stationery for your wedding right at Costco?

Wedding programs and thank-you cards also start at 69 cents as well.

Food Supplies

If you’re not going to have an official caterer for your wedding or prefer to bring some food supplies on your own to save money, Costco has dinnerware, glasses, flatware and serving dishes and utensils for you to use.


Flowers is another pricey wedding expense that you should look into reducing and Costco can help. The store has an entire floral section with seasonal and off-season flowers. They have boutonniere packages, centerpiece flowers, rose petals, ready-made bouquets and so much more.

Luckily, when I got married I asked one of my friends who used to be a florist to create my bridal and bridesmaid bouquets. If I didn’t have that option, I probably would have definitely headed to a grocery store or Costco for cheap real flowers.

I actually think I ended up going to a grocery store for some of my flowers anyway and I easily save hundreds of dollars. What I like about Costco is that instead of just providing affordable wedding flowers, they can actually create bouquet packages for you at an affordable rate so you don’t have to do any of the work if arranging flowers isn’t your thing.

Honeymoon Getaway

Finally, I found it super interesting that Costco has an entire discount travel website featuring great destinations for newlyweds and couples. Awesome right? Costco travel has some really nice resort packages so you can enjoy a dream honeymoon without all the financial stress along with rental car deals and cruise offers as well.

I know it sounds weird that Costco does this, but it’s completely legit because they have a partnership with hotels like the Hyatt and Best Western.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to being a Costco member when it comes to planning your wedding. Don’t forget that Costco also has engagement rings and men’s wedding rings so feel free to check out what they offer when you go ring shopping.

Have you ever been to Costco before? Did you know they provided so many wedding services and supplies?

By Chonce Maddox

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