Maybe you’re a guys girl? Maybe you just seriously want an intimate wedding? Maybe you lost touch with any girl you would ask to stand by your side? Or maybe you travel your face off like I do and will probably just get married on a whim. No matter what your reason, you don’t have to explain yourself–the people who love you will get it! Plus, those of us here at Wedding for $1000 love to save you money, so you knew this was going to be all about the budget. source

Wedding partyKeeping It Real

The low down and dirty truth of the whole bridal party thing: it’s expensive. Nowadays people have made up every reason to give cutesy gifts and, while it’s darn cute, it is not budget friendly. Think about it: cards/gifts to ask bridesmaids and groomsmen if they will stand by your side. Not to mention thank you gifts for the entire bridal party on the day of your wedding. Then there’s bridal shower food, drink, and thank you cards for sending out. Plus prizes for the games you play–oh, and the decorations, flowers, cake. It’s okay to skip all this and just party down on your big day!

You’re Not A Traditional Couple

One of the best ways you can save money is to skip the traditional rehearsal dinner. Think about it: catering services with a small bar, linens, glass rental for an extra day, or restaurant costs for a large party with tip (including the parents, grandparents, and kids plus parents you are using as ring bearer and flower girl). That can be pretty costly. Spend that dough on your reception. It’s okay to be a laid back bride. Header image source

The Wedding Party Just Doesn’t Have The Money

Sometimes your friends just aren’t in the position to buy their bridal party gear or do the big, lush weekends away, and you don’t have the money in your budget to pay for them either. Not having a wedding party saves money on the bridesmaids dresses and the shoes, so you and your girls can have the time of your lives on your big day.

Girls Will Be Girls

Sometimes it’s simply not worth the hassle. A dear friend of mine once cancelled her wedding altogether because her bridesmaids became mini-bridezillas. She threw in the towel and just made her sixteen-year-old cousin her maid of honor. That way she got no flack from the ‘so-called’ besties.

And the #1 reason, if anything, to ditch the bridal party: Flowers. A bridal bouquet from a florist can get tremendously expensive depending on what you’re choosing. I nearly fell out of my chair the first time I went to a florist with a bride to get a quote (but let’s be honest here, she wanted red peonies, and the wedding was in December. I could have made a rent payment with that quote). Add to that quote a boutonniere to match and you can have an expensive bridal bouquet – but skipping the bridesmaids bouquets can keep the budget down.

So, skip the arguments, the astronomical amounts of money on frou-frou gifts and cheesy wine glasses with your names on them–and just throw a killer reception and party like it’s 1999. That’s so not cool to say anymore, is it?

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