When it’s all said and done, you can’t freeze time. But you can slow down your wedding day a bit to enjoy every single magical second of your wedding day. Don’t be discouraged by the sentiment that it will “fly by”. Instead, employ some sweet ways to make it seem like your wedding day is going to last a lifetime–just like the love you both share for one another. Below are some creatively amazing ways to make your “I do” seem timeless. photo credit

Slow Down – Don’t Work Your Wedding

Pick your priorities before the big day. Is a dance with your Dad a must? Do you want to have a nice sit down with your grandparents? Is there a special friend that flew in from another country that you’d like a moment to hit the dance floor with? Do it. While you might be doing a lot of the wedding stuff yourself, and not so much have a planner, don’t work on your wedding. Be sure to enjoy it!

If you get caught up in things that go wrong, and they might, you’ll end up spending all of your time stressed and dealing with vendors. Don’t be afraid to delegate someone in your bridal party or family to be the point of contact for all things that arise. Sit back, relax and have a blast–it’s your wedding day!

Take a Peek at First Look Photos

One way modern brides are getting around the feeling that the wedding goes by too fast is taking photographs before the ceremony. That way, you can go straight to the party after you say “I do.” While you might think it takes away from the first look on the aisle, the best way to keep the magic is to have your first look be a personal moment for you and your husband. Shed a few tears together, exchange love letters and have a sweet embrace. You will end up with some sincerely romantic portraits full of magic.

Say Yes To Videography and Childhood Videos

Your groom or loved ones might try and convince you that you don’t need a videographer, but if you’re afraid the day is going to escape you–this is the way to preserve it. Wedding Videography has come a long way from those home movies of the 80’s. Think professional film quality teasers and wedding trailers.

An even better idea is to have a little five-minute tribute montage to you and your groom. The trip down memory lane will help you slow things down a bit, and remind you to preserve all those magic moments throughout the big day.

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