I’ll admit it:

I used to think taking photos before the wedding takes away from the first moment you see one another.

Want ideas for what to do for your First Look? Look no further! weddingfor1000.com

Now, I’m like “damn” that’s so smart, because your makeup and hair will look flawless. Plus, you get this whole new style of modern day wedding photos that capture the spirit of you and your partner as a couple, and just how you feel about one another. Here’s how to nail one of those killer first look photos…

Blindfolded First Look Sweetness

Sometimes the cheekiest of shots can be the most darling, sweet photos of the happy couple. Try blindfolding or covering your eyes for a first moment before you do a reveal to first look for a magical build up of massive excitement!

A sweet blind folded first look kiss is perfect - weddingfor1000.com

Hit Your Groom Right In The “Feels”

Sometimes the magic is in the first look of the groom and groom only. I mean, how many grooms have made you cry because of how they look at their bride–let alone the first time they see her all dolled up in her exquisite wedding wear! These shots are simply magical and show off the groom’s undying affection for his one true love.

The groom's first look is priceless! weddingfor1000.com

How about that reaction to your groom's first look at you? weddingfor1000.com

Holding Hands On Opposite Sides Of The Door

You can also do first look style photos in order to keep that wedding aisle surprise with a first moment photo. You don’t really have to see one another if you like an element of surprise.

Not even a first look - just a quick touch of the hands! weddingfor1000.com

Just a touch can say a thousand words about how much love is in the air on your big day!

On opposite sides of the door, but not for long! weddingfor1000.com

Get Your Friends In On The Fun

If you just can’t bear to do it without your besties, you can share your magical reveal moment with your Maid of Honor and Best Man. Just use them in lieu of a blind fold for endless fun and a super-romantic reveal with the ones who always have your back!

Best friends don't let friends do their First Look alone! weddingfor1000.com

The Element Of Surprise

If you’re the kind of bride that has a groom who loves surprises, don’t tell him about your reveal photos. Simply get the photographer in on the fun. Sneak up behind and him and you’ll have one beautiful moment to last a lifetime.

That groom just lost it with this first look! weddingfor1000.com

The Ultimate Reveal

When it comes to absolutely nailing your first look photo, the ultimate reveal shot can be priceless. No matter how you feel about one another or what you expect, try and make the moment you see one another so grand that your faces tell one romantic, magical fairy tale!

Make a special first look amazing with the element of surprise! weddingfor1000.com

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