Are you tired of going over budget on different parts of your wedding planning? If so, we have a few tips for you on saving money on your wedding flowers without sacrificing style and beauty. After all, your wedding flowers are a huge part of your beautiful wedding day aesthetic. Here are five ways to save on your wedding flowers in 2023.

1. Arrange Your Own Flowers 

First, you can save a lot of money by arranging your own wedding flowers. Hiring a wedding florist will be costly because of their labor and years of experience. Wedding florists also mark up their pricing significantly compared to other floral pricing purely because of their connection to the money-making wedding industry. If you’re worried about arranging your own flowers, spend some time practicing as your wedding approaches. Most importantly, you need to have a specific vision for your wedding flowers. If you know how you want your flowers to look, you can use online tutorials and resources to achieve your dream wedding flower aesthetic, no matter your level of experience. 

When you’re arranging your own flowers, you can also save big by buying your flowers wholesale. A wholesale flower company won’t mark up flowers as much as a smaller flower shop would do. Your flowers will be more affordable when you buy them in bulk from a wholesale retailer. 

2. Use In-Season Flowers

Another way to save money on your wedding flowers is to use in-season flowers. Flowers that are currently being grown locally are considered in-season and are much more affordable than other flowers. For example, if you’re being married in the spring, peonies will typically be in-season and will be a beautiful option for your flower arrangements. However, ordering peonies in the off-season will be more expensive. If you choose flowers that aren’t currently in season, they’ll likely need to be shipped from a different part of the country, and that will cost you a pretty penny. Using in-season flowers is a much more affordable alternative. 

3. Try Wood Flowers

Artificial wedding flowers, such as wood flowers, are a great choice for affordable wedding flowers. Wood flowers are made from natural tapioca roots and are formed to imitate the shapes of fresh flowers. Sola wood flowers are beautiful and realistic-looking, and they also won’t wilt or die. You’ll be able to preserve and reuse your wood wedding flowers for many purposes on your wedding day and beyond. You can customize your wood wedding flowers by having them dyed to match your unique wedding colors. Best of all, wood wedding flowers only cost a fraction of the average cost of wedding flowers. 

4. Use Inexpensive Flowers

You can also save money on your wedding flowers by using inexpensive flowers in your arrangements. Believe it or not, certain flowers are more affordable than others, regardless of when they’re in season. A few examples of more inexpensive flowers are Alstroemerias, Daisies, Baby’s Breath, Carnations, Sunflowers, Freesias, Chrysanthemums, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Wax Flower. Roses can even be quite affordable, depending on the color and season. Make sure you look into these beautiful and inexpensive flower options!

5. Repurpose or Minimize Your Wedding Flowers

Finally, you can get beautiful wedding flowers for less by repurposing or minimizing your wedding flowers. Instead of having many floral arrangements for all of your different events and venues, you can repurpose your floral arrangements, cutting down on costs. For example, you can use floral decorations for your wedding ceremony to decorate your reception venue. You can even use your bridesmaids’ bouquets as centerpiece decorations for your reception tables. This can help you to get more use out of your pretty wedding flowers. 

You can minimize your wedding flowers by selecting minimalistic floral styles. For example, you can decorate your reception tables with bud vases and single flowers instead of large floral centerpieces or swags. You can fill the empty space with candles or pictures to make your space look beautiful without being incredibly expensive. For your altar, you can have a pretty wood arch with a fabric drape and smaller arrangements. Minimalist approaches are more affordable while still being stunning and stylish. 

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  1. Anushka

    Great tips for saving money on wedding flowers! These tips will help those who are looking for budget friendly flowers and don’t want to compromise with style and beauty of wedding decoration.


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