Pearls have a well-deserved reputation for classic style and graceful splendor, as fashions come and go pearls are a staple which persists.

No matter how trendy, alternative or avant-garde the fashion collection, they rarely don’t include pearls. Every jewelry collection should include pearls as a basic necessity; they are an ageless fashion choice which never fails to make a sophisticated style statement.

They make for perfect family heirlooms, getting passed from one generation to another.

Pearl Necklaces are perhaps the first choice for many when it comes to pearls; they are diverse in appearance and come in a range of colors, sizes and shapes.

We think pearls make a great choice for bridesmaid gifts, and we love to recommend Otomo pearl necklaces.  Here are a few of our favorite, most affordable styles from Otomo:

And for the brides on a super low budget, we highly recommend getting a bundle of simple single pearl necklaces on Amazon for a truly great price. Click here or the image below to see how affordable a beautiful gift can be!


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