Many brides had begun envisioning their weddings even before they met their partners. You might be one of those brides, too. While you’ve got everything ready, from the wedding dress to the catering and down to the guest list, you may have overlooked one thing. Though only you and the love of your life are meant to see it, you must also plan for your wedding lingerie.  

The perfect lingerie will emphasize your curves and make you look just as beautiful as would in your wedding dress. Like the wedding proper, your wedding night is special for you and your partner, so you both deserve to look your best. Whether you decide to play it safe or unleash your inner goddess, you need to pick wedding lingerie that you feel comfortable wearing.  

If you have no clue how to begin the search, read this quick guide to get you started: 

Know Your Body Size And Shape  

You’ve spent a lot of time getting fitted for your dress, so you shouldn’t skimp on your undergarments either. You’ll want to not only feel great in them but look great, too.  

By knowing your body shape and personal tastes, you’ll have an easier time looking for wedding lingerie. Take advantage of your assets, be it your curves or your height. If you’re bold and proud of your body, you can choose more revealing undergarments like a bra and panty set. But if you prefer more modest innerwear, consider something like chemise lingerie by Natori

Whatever style you choose, ensure that it fits well. Comfortable undergarments will lessen your worries come nighttime after the wedding ceremony. You’ll be happy, and you might also make your partner genuinely ecstatic on the bed. 

Buy It At The Right Time  

You’re recommended to find and purchase wedding lingerie simultaneously as your wedding dress. The best scenario would be to buy the undergarments before your dress. You can wear it while shopping or fitting for the dress.  

Finding the perfect lingerie before planning the rest of your wedding saves you from at least one last-minute issue. But if you get one too early, you might not fit it in on the big day. Your weight may change during the planning period. Though you may find it relieving to know that some stores may make adjustments if your chosen lingerie doesn’t fit you properly.   

Nevertheless, try to pick the right time to look for wedding lingerie in the correct size. Your ideal wedding plan is to have everything as smooth for you as possible. And if you start worrying over your undergarments, it could lead to a domino effect of other problems. 

Consider Your Wedding Dress  

Wedding dresses traditionally come in white, so your lingerie must also come in the same color and shade or at least match your skin tone. You’re free to change it to another color when night falls. If you plan on wearing an atypical gown to your wedding, though, you can decide on more colorful styles.  

Also, make sure your lingerie hides under your dress. You don’t want a strap or a strip of lace spotted by a guest. Always try it under your wedding dress to check if the whole outfit works together. You can make your undergarments complement your wedding dress’ details even if no one but you and your partner will see it. 

Try Different Styles  

It can get overwhelming when you’re bombarded with wedding plans. You shouldn’t feel the same way about your lingerie. Try different lingerie styles to lessen the pressure, and choose one from there. Have the same mindset fitting lingerie the same way you do with your wedding dress and shoes. You may find it an exciting experience, especially since you’ll be saving it for your eyes and your soon-to-be spouse.  

Lingerie comes in various styles and cuts, so try everything to feel the material and shape. Here’s a list of designs you may encounter: 

  • The Babydoll: This type of lingerie is a loose-fitting and simple short dress often worn sleeveless or with short sleeves. It usually comes with bra cups for support, and the dress ends right at the navel. 
  • Bra and Panty Set: Amplify your regular underwear by choosing a set made of sheer material or lace. This set is excellent for brides who enjoy comfort while looking sexy. 
  • Bustier: Hide your problem areas like love handles while emphasizing your bust with this undergarment. It’s similar to the corset. 
  • Camisole and shorts set: If you like simple yet sexy, this matching set is your best bet. The camisole and shorts combo also suits women of any body type. 
  • Nightgowns: The classic nightgown is perfect for modest brides who prefer coverage over skin exposure. You can even bring up the sexiness level by choosing one with sheer fabric or more revealing details. 
  • The Teddy: This one-piece undergarment is also called a bodysuit. It’s considered one of the more popular bridal lingerie to wear due to the various colors and designs it comes in. 
Beautiful sexy lady in elegant white panties and bra lying on bed. Beauty brunette woman with attractive body in lace lingerie. Bride morning preparing for wedding ceremony

When you pick one, break it in by wearing it all day at home. You can fix any sudden mishap weeks or days before the big day. 

Enjoy The Search  

Every step in planning your wedding should be fun. Enjoy and celebrate the process. Imagine yourself shopping for regular clothes on an average day. You’ll feel more relaxed that way.   

You could even bring along a trusted friend or one of your bridesmaids to help you choose. You’re more than likely to experience it only once.   

A Wedding Night Of A Lifetime  

Even if lingerie is only meant for your husband’s eyes, settling for one that doesn’t satisfy you can leave you in discomfort. Follow the tips above to make your wedding planning process as stressless as possible. You and your future spouse will surely enjoy your wedding night.

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