Finding your dream wedding dress is just the beginning because you still have to find the perfect wedding accessories like shoes, a handbag and, of course, jewelry. There are so many different Shop at! Affordable bridal jewelry.types of jewelry, you can choose from whether you are a simple or an extravagant bride. Here are some helpful tips for picking the perfect wedding jewelry.

Pick a metal that compliments your dress. Keep in mind the color of your dress when deciding either to wear gold or silver jewelry. For example if you are wearing a white dress opt for silver, platinum or white gold. On the other hand if your dress is champagne or off-white go with yellow or rose gold jewelry.

Pick jewels that compliment the details of your wedding dress. If your dress design is very intricate opt for more simpler jewelry you do not want anything to overshadow your wedding gown. It is also important to match the jewel types, for instance, wear pearls to match the beading on your gown, or diamonds to match sequins and crystals.

Choose a necklace based on the neckline of your gown. Chokers are best worn with strapless dresses, while other necklaces such as pendant style compliment sweetheart cuts perfectly. If you are wearing a gown with a high neckline you can skip a necklace altogether and instead choose a pair of statement earrings to wear.

Match your wedding and engagement rings. It doesn’t have to be an exact match but you want to make sure that the metals do not clash.

Be cautious of bracelets. Bracelets are a nice addition to any outfit but on your wedding day you want to be extra careful that your bracelet will not snag or scratch your wedding gown. When thinking of what bracelet to wear, choose one that does not have any sharp edges or points. The last thing you want is a disaster on your big day.

Choose your headpieces wisely. If you opt for a gorgeous tiara or an elaborate headpiece it’s best to tone down your other jewelry pieces. For instance go for a simple or plain necklace or you can ditch the necklace altogether.


  1. Shop with your frugal girlfriends. Choose your shopping buddies wisely, pick a friend who knows how to find good deals and always keep in mind your budget while shopping.
  2. Ask for jewelry as a wedding present. Be sure to ask your family and friends who are planning to purchase bridal gifts to consider your wedding day jewelry as a gift.
  3. Wear something borrowed. If you are on a tight budget consider borrowing your mothers or grandmothers pearls or diamonds. It will make your day extra special wearing something that is sentimental.
  4. Make your own jewelry. If you love DIY projects, then grab some of your friends and make your own jewelry. Designing your own wedding jewelry gives you the creative freedom to design it exactly how you want it.
  5. Shop online. You can find some great deals and discounts by shopping online. Since you will be purchasing your items before you see them make sure you do this early enough in case it does not work out. Also make sure there is a good return policy in case you are not happy with your purchase.

Consider the time of your wedding. If you are having a morning or early afternoon wedding, your dress and jewelry should reflect the time of the occasion. Typically daytime weddings are less formal so feel free to go with simpler jewelry. But if your wedding is taking place in the late afternoon or evening, by all means go all out as these wedding tend to be more formal.

Try on your jewelry with your dress. Before your big day it is crucial that you try on everything to make sure everything matches and goes together. You should also bring different jewelry options to your dress fitting to make sure you love your overall look.

If you follow these simple guidelines you will have no problem finding the perfect wedding jewelry to compliment your wedding gown!