by Brittany McComas

When it comes to the engagement game, in our social day and age, everyone wants to put it out there that “he put a ring on it”. If you’re the kind of girl that wears her sassy pants a lot, you’ll probably be looking for a really cool, fun way to tell everyone that you’re engaged. From mugs to fashion, super-sweet photography, and fun little social posts–there’s something for every girl who drums to the beat of her very own sass!

Kick Ass Mugs To Announce Your Engagement

These mugs simply kick ass, and are one of the sassiest ways to say “Hey! I’m engaged!” Love this simple shot with a sassy mug and a ring….

announce your engagement in an adorable way!

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You can also pull a super-adorable face in the background when you announce that you are tying the knot soon!

Does this mug make me look engaged?

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Another sassy way to show off your new engagement jewels is to make it sparkle!

Announce Your Engagement -

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Killer T-Shirts To Announce Your Engagement

Take a cool shot of you in a t-shirt exclaiming the big news and post it all over your social media!

Killer tee shirts to announce your engagement

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Of course, one with your very own hashtag might even help you pull a Kim K and break the internet…

Totes Taken! Tee shirts to announce your engagement

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Your sassy little t-shirt post doesn’t have to be literal either. It can be one of the coolest little romantic sayings that just you and your besties really understand:

Funny sayings only you and your sweet understand -

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Bad To The Bone

Some of us ladies embody so much sass, that nothing will really announce our engagement quite like a bad to the bone style statement. Grab some paint pen sharpies (if you’re too shy to really get some hardcore ink) and your favourite tattoo artist. Enlist said artist to help you paint one amazing way to throw it out there that you are getting hitched!

think you're ready to pronounce your engagement?

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Super Cheeky Photography Announces Your Engagement

Quite often the bride to be just loves a good photo announcement as the happy couple. If you’re sassy, don’t be afraid to get a bit cheeky with your photo shoot! Think outside the box. Like this adorable engagement photo, from dinofa photography, that really caught my wedding eyes. Understated, yet sassy. Add the perfect hashtag and your engagement will be a social media sensation.

Adorable ways to announce your engagement

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When Nothing Else Will Quite Do…

Get socially sassy with a post like this:

Anyone fancy helping me pick out sweet-ass cake toppers?

adorable cake topper shopping is the best way to announce your engagement!

photo credit

Your friends will totally get the hint if you’re as sassy as I am. Of course, you’ll want to hashtag it…#WeddingBells #GettingHitched #Weddingfor1000

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