You are about to make a lifelong promise to the one person you love the most. The pressure is on and you’re probably thinking about a lot of things right now. How do you execute it? Where is the perfect place to do it? Will she say yes? What type of ring will she like? Well, you can relax now as you’ve found the guide that will get you covered!

In this infographic from Primesyle, you will find out more about the vast options you have when it comes to getting the right engagement ring. If you’re future fiancée has a classic, traditional style, then a diamond gem would be an apt choice. If she gravitates more towards vintage jewels, then it’s best to get her a colored stone like sapphire or emerald. Pave, bezel, and halo rings are among the many ring band designs that you can match the gem with.

From ring characteristics to seeing it as an investment, from identifying her personality to recognizing hints, this fun infographic brings you useful tips and advice on picking the best and most suitable engagement ring. This is a turning point in your life, so make sure you feel confident by being aided with the right tools and information. Everything else will follow.

How To Pick An Engagement Ring

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