Here at Wedding for $1000, we get teary-eyed over every proposal video we see. No kidding, it’s totally guaranteed. While not every proposal video makes it viral, they’re all special and unique in their own way. So to start off the new year with a real love-fest, we bought boxes of tissues and we’re ready to get a good cry going. Help round out the collection by linking your favorite videos here or on the Facebook group at Wedding for $1000!

One of the best  proposal videos of all time has to be Isaac’s Lip-Dub Proposal, which is just outright precious (and if you never noticed the ‘dancing jews’ that took the place of ‘dancing juice’, you’ll never un-see it now!):

This one is new, and already stole most of my tears for the morning (thanks BuzzFeed!):

The Downtown Disney Flash Mob Proposal is so stinking adorable – mostly the shrieking of the girls in the crowd when he gets down on one knee!

This is just tearfully sweet, and I’m glad I watched it:

I know this one is probably going to feel like a Rick Roll because the music switches to a song you may recognize, but it’s adorable:

And this one? Well, get your tissues ready, because you’ll need them:

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