Buying a diamond is probably one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. So it is natural to be scared of getting ripped off.

If you’re about to buy a diamond, this diamond buyers guide will help you get the best diamond out there under an affordable price tag. 

Carat Weight Range

The price of diamond is significantly affected by the carat weight range. The more the carat weight range, the more expensive the diamond will be. 

Moreover, carat weight is crucial because it also determines the size of the diamond. Choose a carat weight according to your fiance’s expectations. For example, if she is expecting you to give a 2-carat diamond, she will certainly be not impressed if you give her a 0.50-carat diamond.

Diamond Shape

The diamond shape is the second most important factor to consider when buying a diamond. Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes and the size and shape of the diamond you choose will determine how good the piece of jewelry will look.

If you’re unsure about diamond shapes, we recommend getting the round brilliant shape which is the most common and popular diamond shape. 

Cut Quality

Cut quality also has a significant effect on the price of a diamond. However, choosing the cut quality is tricky. A lot of vendors offer a cut grade on their diamonds and base them on the certificate’s cut grade. 

Talk to the vendor about cut qualities and then determine which suits your budget nicely.

Color Grade

The appearance and price of a diamond are affected when you choose a color grade. It is important to remember how different shapes reflect the color at different strengths. 

Balancing the diamond’s price and appearance all comes down to what shape you have chosen for the diamond.

Clarity Grade

Think of diamond clarity grade as a binary grade. What we mean is that all you need to check is if the diamond appears clean to the naked eye in its loose form.

If the diamond is any cleaner than that, it is only going to cost you more without actually giving you back anything significant in return. So you are better off buying a diamond with the lowest possible clarity grade.

But make sure that is clean to the naked eye so that it appears brilliant when applied to a piece of selected jewelry or ring.

Fluorescence, Polish, and Symmetry

The fluorescence, symmetry, and polish of the diamond all affect its price but do not give anything to the diamond in terms of appearance. If you want to give your soon-to-be fiance a diamond that she can proudly flaunt in front of her friends and family, then the higher these things are, the better.

Diamond Certification

When buying diamonds, always make sure that you are getting your hands on a GIA Certified Diamond or AGS Certified Diamonds. 

Keep away from HRD, IGI, and EGL certified diamonds because they are inconsistent in grading. 

Many diamond retailers have comprehensive resources that can help you buy a diamond, make sure to read these before getting yourself one. 

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