Men, you can’t wear just another pair of tennis shoes on the big day — you have to step up your shoe game.

For a wedding, you need to look smart and fashionable, but you also need your shoes to match your outfit. Here are some shoe styles for any type of wedding, whether it be black-tie or a more casual affair.


Penny or Belgian loafers will give a very fashionable look for a summer beach wedding or autumn outdoor wedding. If you want to show some ankle, wear no-show socks. When picking shoes for a wedding, you’ll want to wear dress shoes that are darker than the suit or tux you will be wearing.

Loafers are also a great choice because they come in so many styles and colors. They can even come in different types of materials, so you can match them with the type of suit or dress pants you are wearing. Woven loafers are great for beach weddings or for outdoor weddings, as they breathe well.

Wholecut and Cap-Toe Oxfords

The Oxford has been a staple in the dress-shoe world due to the fact they’ve been around for a long time — the shoe got its name from Oxford University in the 1800’s.

Wholecut Oxfords are a perfect choice for black tie events or a cocktail-attire dress code.

Wholecuts are distinguishable because they’re made from a single piece of leather, giving them a gorgeous and sleek look. If you plan on dancing, mingling, or being on your feet a lot, find a pair that are lightweight and flexible. Oxfords look great because of the closed lacing and sleek design that hug the curves of your feet.

Cap-toe Oxfords are a great choice if you are wearing a tailored suit. These will work with both cocktail and casual attire or any kind of dress code in between.

They’re also very versatile. They can be worn for work, as well, to bring a classy look to your normal office attire.

Single- and Double-Monk Straps

Double-monks are fun and interesting, with a unique style. These shoes are great for more casual weddings, paired with slacks or a pared-down suit. Double-monk (or single-monk) strapped shoes pair the classic feel of an Oxford with the brogue, classic style.

Double-monks are not the right style for cocktail attire or black-tie affairs, but they will be a great go-to for most other types of weddings.

Whether you go with double- or single-monk strap shoes, know that the monks exude charm and class, which makes them stylish and cool for most weddings.


Outdoor weddings, no matter the season, are the perfect time to bust out the perfect pair of boots.

Make sure your boots are scuff-free and shined up nicely, and pair them with some well-fitting slacks. You’ll also want to stick to boots in earthy tones, such as gray, brown, or black.

No matter your choice of footwear for a wedding, make sure it matches your clothes and your personal style.

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