If you are reading this, then you are probably still months ahead of your wedding day. Probably in the initial stage of planning because you are still in the search for the perfect wedding venue. Looking for the perfect place to hold one of the biggest celebrations in your life can be pretty overwhelming. It is a big deal. You can ditch the flowers, even the cake, but you can not hold a wedding without a venue.

Your wedding venue sets the tone of your ceremony. The location you will choose is the like reflection of you and your soon-to-be spouse. Apart from that, the venue is important because it is where you, your spouse, your family, and your friends will celebrate and party your big day. But how do you actually know what is the perfect wedding venue for you? Where do you imagine your first kiss?

Here are some things to check in order for you to know that the venue fits you.

Plan the Hunt

Plan out the vision of your wedding. Try to imagine what an ideal wedding venue is for you. It is important to talk and discuss these details to your wedding planner. Your wedding planner is much more familiar with the ins and outs of looking for a venue. They know how much space can accommodate a specific number of people, the perfect layout that best fits your wedding ceremony and reception party, how far your budget can go, and if a transformation is possible in a scene.

Be very open and let your wedding planner know the holistic vision you have for your wedding so that they can slim down the locations they have in mind and give you the best option possible.


Deciding where your wedding is going to be held does not start whether it is going to be in a glamorous hotel or in the peaks of a mountain, it is going to be in what city or state. The location of your wedding is important to be decided properly because it will predict the chances of your guests turning up to your day. The decision should come from both of you with consideration to your respective friends and family.

Reflection of Yourself

Do you guys have regular dates by the sea? Love trekking the mountains? Fond of museums? Your wedding venue most importantly needs to be a place that is aligned with your style and your liking.

If you are considered a beach bum, then maybe a secluded beach is all you need. If you love the green landscape, a venue on top of green rolling hills maybe a dream come true. If you are bound by your religion, then maybe a charming church wedding is the best pick. Whatever you have in mind, it is your day and every detail including the venue is your call.


They say that after a wedding, a woman will be left with a husband and photos, tons of it. The biggest day, prepared for almost a year will only be felt for just 24 hours and will be reminisced by videos and photos for a lifetime. That is why it is important that your wedding location is picturesque.

If your answer is yes to these questions, then you are looking at a possible option.

  • Does the place make a great place for the same-day edit video?
  • Will it swoon you and the guests?
  • As a backdrop will it make a beautiful wedding portrait?

You can also check out photos of other weddings held in the same place and ask yourself if you see yourself happy if you are in the photo.

Moved Your Heart

Yes, just like you will get teary seeing yourself in the mirror wearing your wedding dress, a wedding location can also move your heart. If it gives you a positive vibe, then it is a good sign. It is the place you are going to make a promise of forever, after all, so you should feel something special about the place.

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