This summer, many brides are opting to go for a beach set-up for their wedding. There’s something about the beauty of the beach, the sounds of the waves, and the setting of the sun that makes unions even more romantic. However, some couples would often veer away from the idea because of the associated costs of holding a destination wedding like those on the beach. Don’t worry; there are tons of ways to reduce the cost of your wedding, and a budget beach wedding is possible. Read on to learn more.

Choose a Nice But Affordable Location

Many couples hosting a beach wedding would typically go for well-known beach locations for your venue. The downside is that these famous beaches would be extremely expensive, and they attract a number of guests. This means that you, your partner, and your guests would have to contend with tons of people. When you’re on a budget, a workaround would be to choose a not-so-famous beach but with beautiful views. If you’re lucky, they can even give you a discount for choosing them over the popular ones.

Trim Down Your Guests

Weddings are special occasions, and it’s perfectly okay if you don’t invite all of your relatives. Limit your guests to only those who have made a difference in your lives. If you are content with having your immediate family and a few close friends, do it. Fewer guests mean more savings for you. Often, choosing your guests is more than just a cost-saving measure. It also helps you keep your sanity intact.

Go for Trusted Suppliers

A bulk of the wedding budget would often go to different suppliers. In an effort to cut costs, some couples would opt to go for suppliers that are cheap. However, this decision comes with associated risks, such as those who will fail to deliver on the day of your wedding. In the end, it can end up being a costly mistake. So whenever you are talking to a supplier, make sure they have a good track record like Juniper Flowers.

Say “I Do” On a Weekday

A beach wedding on a weekend would definitely cost you a dime. Whenever possible, set your beach wedding on a weekday. This way, you have more leeway when it comes to your budget. Since there are few guests, resorts offer cheaper rates. It will also help you hold your wedding peacefully without other people distracting guests from the ceremony. Aside from a cheaper wedding venue, most suppliers would also have better rates for offering their services on a weekday.

Plan a DIY Wedding

If the budget is really tight, consider having a DIY wedding instead. There may be some items that you will need help with, but it would help you cut down costs if you’d DIY some elements of the wedding, such as wedding souvenirs and invitations.

Get Help

Practicality is not something that you should be ashamed of. Try to find ways on how you can lessen your wedding day spending. For example, instead of hiring wedding photographers or videographers, you can ask your cousin to do it for you. The same thing for a wedding singer: If you have a friend who can carry a tune, let them sing for you on your wedding day.

One thing you have to know about wedding preparations is that things can get overwhelming. There would be times when you’d go over your budget just to get things done. That’s why it’s important that you have a working budget even before you start planning your wedding. Use a budget calculator, if possible.

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