When your groom puts a long-awaited engagement ring on your finger, you suddenly realize how happy you are and how unprepared you are for your great day! Your wonderful engagement ring motivates you to get serious about your shape more than anything else.

You want to have the perfect wedding. You want to be the most beautiful bride. This means that you have to get fit or even shed a few extra pounds as fast as possible because you’ve only got a few months or even a few weeks before the most important day in your life. And be sure you can totally do this! Here are 5 useful tips to help you tone up before your wedding day.

Look at What You Eat and How Often You Eat

Most brides prefer to go on a diet before the wedding. You can find a lot of 1 month before wedding diet variation strategies on the Net and choose the best one for yourself. However, it’s not necessary. You should just revise your eating habits and adjust them to lose weight. All you need to do is to cut out all fast food and processed foods and give preference to lean proteins, healthy carbs, fruit and vegetables. Moreover, don’t forget that you should eat small meals five or six times a day. In such a way you can boost your metabolism and slim down faster. You can find more healthy eating tips on this article from Proper Good.

Make Exercise and Fitness a High Priority

Your eating habits are only the first part of your weight loss program before the wedding. Keep in mind,  fitness is the second and equally important part of it. Pre wedding diet coupled with pre wedding workout plan 3 months before your big day can bring an excellent result. Although, even if you’ve got just a month or even a week, you have to try this effective combination! Be sure, it really works! Remember, it would be better to practice morning workouts. A recent study shows that people who exercise in the morning are more likely to work out regularly and, thus, can reach their fitness goals faster.

Stay Well-Hydrated throughout the Day

Sometimes it can be difficult for you to identify what you really want – to eat or to drink. When you’re hungry, it would be better to drink a glass of water and see whether you really want to eat. This glass of water will help you not only quench your thirst but also not eat some extra calories. So water, in this case, allows to lose weight and feel good.  

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Just imagine alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. By the way, consuming alcohol doesn’t provide a sense of satiety. So you’re likely to drink the calories in addition to the calories you’re eating. If you want to look chic on your wedding day, you have to give up alcohol or at least limit it.

Reduce the Stress Level

Of course, that’s easier said than done because we all realize that the time before the wedding is the most stressful time in the life of any bride! Unfortunately, this chronic stress during the period between engagement and marriage can exacerbate the weight problems, especially if you tend to emotional eating. Fitness is one of the best ways to relieve stress. So try to relax, think positively and hit the gym as often as possible.

It’s not so difficult to get in shape before the wedding. Everything depends on you… just on you! Well, don’t be nervous, pull yourself together, follow our tips and everything will be okay!

Written by Francesca Russo http://thecrossfitshoes.com/

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  1. Jackie

    Cutting back or getting rid of the alcohol is a super easy for most people to get in better shape and lose weight quickly. That stuff has a ton of calories for sure!


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