Yea! first and foremost You got hitched to your soul love, and you’re tying the knot! After the tears have dried and your spouse asks you to marry him or her, you could experience a plethora of emotions, mostly exhilaration with a very likely undercurrent of dread. If you experience a moment of panic as soon as reality hits, don’t worry, it will not really mean you’re a misanthrope who doesn’t want to get married. It just means that going from just dating to just getting engaged, planning a wedding, bride or groom to be, in a couple of moments, is a shock to the system. We will discuss the most important steps you should know after you get engaged.

Share it with Everyone

It’s a big news and now is the time to share it with your closed ones. You may tell everyone else about your life-altering incident now that your close friends and family are aware of it. The greatest approach to share your wonderful news and the details of how it occurred with a larger audience is through social media. Take that engagement selfie, update your status or pinned tweet, and spread the happiness to all of your followers. While some couples would choose to keep the news private before going public, others might want to inform everyone as soon as possible. There are some individuals you should inform before posting online when you’re ready to share.

Make a Checklist

Create a list of duties to help with planning once you’ve decided on a wedding date. On The Knot, you can make a customized wedding list to help you organize your monthly must-dos. Instead of putting unreasonable limits on yourself in the start, let our tool direct you on which crucial activities to do when. It could seem a bit overwhelming to do as much as you can in the first few months, but you’ll save hassles and obstacles in the weeks before your big day if you do. It’s still crucial for the two of you to spend time together something that isn’t focused on the wedding, so don’t allow date night get in the way of wedding preparation.

Plan for The Wedding

This pre-invitation notice is crucial even though the majority of your friends and family are already aware of your engagement and may even know the location and date of the wedding. Additionally, they’re a wonderful way to inform your visitors about the wedding! Furthermore, since many of your guests will need to make travel and lodging plans, mailing a save-the-date is expected politeness if you’re holding a big wedding during popular travel periods, such as a three-day holiday weekend, summer in a resort town, or high season in the Caribbean. For this, you can go postcard size save the date card to make it look aesthetic and nice.


Do not rush at all. Take a break, sit and start shortening the checklist. There will be a lot to do at that time so no need to do everything at a same time. You will be left for no money. Plan everything. Make a budget of everything from the venue to the bridal dress to food, to every small thing you want to take with you. Be specific to your choice. While thinking of save the date cards, go for cheap save the date cards as it will help you save money. Same is the case with other things. For bridal dress, do not go for the brands, just get it done with any good local designer. Let them know what you want and set a price range.

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