For centuries, Spain has attracted travelers with its picturesque landscapes, enchanting architecture, rich history, and amazing culture. No matter which region you are in, inspiration can be found in every corner of this magical land.

What attracts you most to Spain? History? Food? Culture? And where would you like to spend time with your favorite activities – in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville? Or in one of the towns that are not so famous but no less beautiful? We have analyzed millions of travel recommendations, and you can choose a honeymoon spot from our list.

Templo de Debod

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The culture and art of Ancient Egypt with great power captivate and fascinate everyone who came into contact with them, but this temple not only impresses with its architecture but also creates an amazing view at sunset, when the millennial walls reflect in the water, turning this place into one of the most romantic in Spain. The temple dedicated to Amon, stone by stone, came from the banks of the Nile and was not far from Plaza de España in Madrid: it was a gift that the Government of Egypt made to the Spaniards.

Playa de las Catedrales

Magical, filled with sounds, endless, majestic – so you can describe a beach with white sand and clear water, one of the most romantic places in Galicia. Huge bizarre cliffs create a natural ensemble on the seashore thanks to the water, winds, and rain that modeled it to its liking. We see all kinds of large arches, islands, and voids through which you can enter the water. The place above, surrounded by meadows, is more suitable for sunbathing when the beach disappears at high tide. In winter, the view is even more amazing: foamy jets of water burst into caves and exit through the arches.


The air in Cuenca is real magic. Take a deep breath and feel this magic. The magnificent city is located on the cliffs, framed by the canyons of two rivers. Its peaks are crowned with “hanging houses” of Casas-Colgadas, which in the literal sense partially hover in the air at the edge of a cliff. Outside the city, there are many hiking trails, where you can see magnificent natural landscapes: mountains, valleys, rivers, and meadows.

La Orotava

Look into the vast expanses of the universe! The majestic Teide volcano, which peak is covered in snow, rises lonely in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the Canary Islands. It offers a magnificent view of the starry sky. Take a night tour from La Orotava. Peer into the infinite depths of the sky, like a canvas strewn with small droplets of light. Your loved one will be definitely pleased. 

Camelia Gardens

Camellia adorns the Galician gardens in winter when there are very few other flowering plants. From homestead to homestead, you can take a tour of Rías Baixas, following the path by which this delicate flower came from the East and became Queen of Galicia. Any woman will be amazed by so many flowers.


Ronda is the most romantic city in Spain. On every old street decorated with majestic palaces, where some of the most famous aristocratic Andalusian families still live, a love story was once unfolded in every corner or square or a word-of-mouth legend was created. Ronda is a city of robbers who posed a considerable threat in the past, and today, it is a city of bullfighters. In fact, the settlement combines two completely different cities: the Old and the New, connected by a bridge over the Tajo River, and its waters feed the Guadalevín River.

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