So many women are considering beauty treatments so that they’ll look amazing on their wedding day. What you don’t hear, however, is what to expect and when to get these treatments done for the best results! We wanted to answer some of the questions people typically have about pre-wedding beauty treatments, like lip augmentation, so you can do your research and plan accordingly!

How long After a Lip Augmentation do you See Results?

You look at other women and envy their full, plump lips. Your lips don’t live up to your expectations. They may have always been thin with a lack of volume or they may have lost fullness with aging. It’s natural to see your lips lose that plumpness over time as collagen production decreases. You can try to enhance your lips and make it look like you can really pucker up with cosmetics. However, the results won’t last and will leave something to be desired. When you want a luscious pout that is unforgettable, lip augmentation could be the answer. Your plastic surgeon can choose a dermal filler that is right for you in order to give your lips a boost. You’ll have the shape and fullness you want to see each time you look in the mirror. Before you go ahead with a lip augmentation treatment, you are sure to have questions. One of your most pressing concerns is knowing when you can see your results.

What Can You Expect After Lip Augmentation?

When dermal fillers are injected into your lips, they will go to work immediately to give you a fullness that you didn’t have before. You may have to deal with some minor bruising or swelling following your treatment, but that will go away within a matter of days. You can wear your favorite lipstick immediately following treatment to cover up any signs of your injections. You’ll be able to show off your new lips to the world.

What Happens During Your Treatment?

Your lips will be numbed before your injections with a cream that is applied to your mouth. If you are really sensitive to pain, your plastic surgeon may recommend an injection of an anesthetic to your lips to ensure that you are completely numb. Injections will be made with a fine needle. It only takes about twenty minutes out of your busy schedule. You can expect your surgeon to massage your lips after your treatment to make sure your lips are smooth. Ice may be applied in a compress to keep the swelling down. You will be on your way with your new and improved lips.

What Can You Do to Get Ready for Your Lip Augmentation Treatment?

You should avoid anything that would make you bleed more easily for a week before your treatment. Otherwise, your bruising will be more severe. Cut out aspirin and alcohol for one week. You should also avoid vitamin E and anything with fish oil. If you are prone to outbreaks of the herpes virus, you can be prescribed a type of pill to take the day before that will ensure your herpes remains dormant after your treatment.

What to Expect Once You Have Had a Lip Augmentation Treatment

Except for some swelling or slight bruising, you don’t have to worry about anything after lip augmentation. You can wear your makeup, head back to work, or go to the gym. Lip augmentation with dermal fillers makes your life easier. You can have the look you want without waiting or worrying about downtime. If you happen to feel any bumps in your lips after your treatment, be sure to call your plastic surgeon. There is a type of injection that will smooth those bumps away.

How Long Will Your Fuller Lips Last After Lip Augmentation?

Dermal fillers are not permanent. You can expect your results to last between three and six months. One of the advantages of choosing dermal fillers for lip augmentation is that you can experiment with how much plumpness you want. You can alter the shape of your lips, but it isn’t permanent. If you aren’t happy with your results, you know that your lips will go back to their normal size in a matter of months. If you like your results and want to try something a little different, you can always come back when your lips go down to have another treatment. Lip implants offer you permanent results, but they involve surgery. If you aren’t happy with them, it will be more complicated to remove them. With dermal fillers, you just have to be patient as you wait for the effects to wear off.

What If You Have Problems with Lines Around Your Lips?

As you get older, it is common to see fine lines form around your mouth in addition to a loss of volume in your lips. This can really make you look like you are aging faster than you are. You can slow down the effects of time by targeting the lines around your mouth in addition to lip augmentation. Botox and other fillers can smooth those lines away. You can also choose laser resurfacing to revitalize the skin around your mouth.

Learn More About Lip Augmentation from Your Dr. Agarwal

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