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When it comes to wedding marquees, you might have a million questions. Below we’ve got the most fabulous tips for hiring a wedding marquee. First of all, the yanks reading this need to know that a ‘marquee’ is also available in the US, but it’s known as a tent. The rest of the details also apply to what tents are available in your country as well! The header image is from

Four Things To Know About Wedding Marquees

wedding marquees make for a stunning setting

Types of Wedding Marquees

  • Pagoda Marquee: the pointed top marquee this is usually on the smaller side and good for a little extra party room in the backyard or an extension from an already existing porch.
  • Frame Marquee: this rectangular shaped marquee is a great extension to a venue, and can attached for flexible space planning. Frame marquees have no inner poles!
  • Traditional Marquee: this is the super-pretty marquee with a curved top and all those inside poles. This marquee is for the very large wedding affair to remember.

Can You Put A Marquee Anywhere?

Bees Wedding Marquees can be erected just about anywhere your wedding heart desires. From bowling greens, patios, over swimming pools, flowerbeds and trees, even on the decks of ships–you can create a venue anywhere you’d like with us!

How Do I Decorate?

We make it super-simple on the wedding party. We have a killer design team that can help you with each step of the marquee decor. From advising on linings, to complimentary colour schemes, lighting and flooring, we really put the elbow grease in.

How Big Should Our Wedding Marquee Be?

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right size marquee. A plated dinner reception with catering service will require a minimum of 15 square feet per person. Also, account for any dance floor space or extras like the cake cutting or gift tables, plus any DIY stations like candy bars. In the UK, Bees Wedding Marquees has got you covered! Just get in touch to ask any questions about what you need.

Before your meeting be sure to know:

  • How many guests are on your list.
  • Number of extras like dance floors or tables for food service.
  • If you would like extra space for a champagne reception or mingling.

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  1. Luke Smith

    It’s great that you mentioned how a frame marquee is a great extension to a venue and could be attached for flexible space planning. My brother is going to get married soon and we are currently assisting him with organizing the whole event. We have quite a lot of guests and I think it would be good to get some wedding marquees, so I should probably suggest that to my brother.


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