When did giving wedding favors to guests become so popular? Apparently, it’s a tradition that’s been around for a very long time, though our culture has definitely branched extremely far from the original intention. Long ago in Italy, almonds coated with sugar were given to guests in confection boxes or wrapped in elegant fabric and were known as confetti (another word we seem to have changed significantly). There were always five sugared almonds, and they were meant to symbolize health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life. Now, Jordan almonds rather than sugared almonds are given, and it is said that the “bitterness of the almond and the sweetness of the sugar coating are a metaphor for the bitter sweetness of a marriage”.

CandyStore.com NewSince then, five sugared almonds in a bag has evolved into ever more elaborate gifts to thank the guests of a wedding.  First, it needs to be said: favors are not necessary. A hand written thank you note sent to each attendee, regardless of whether or not they gave you a gift, is all the gesture needed to thank your loved ones for attending.  Quite often, these expensive and carefully planned favors are left behind by wedding guests.  No matter how great an idea it seems before the big day, not everyone needs a shot glass with “Andrea and Mark” etched on it. You certainly don’t need an extra 50 that people didn’t choose to take with them!

If you’re determined to provided wedding favors, why not something delicious and edible? Almost no one turns down a sweet treat as a wedding favor. A candy buffet is not only a fun way to send off your guests, but can be very budget friendly.

Candy Buffet On A Budget

  • Don’t just pick up bags of candies at the grocery store.  Buying in bulk is the way to go for real savings. Check out CandyStore.com: Match Your Wedding Colors! $9.95 Shipping and Handling or Less
  • Buy containers at the Dollar Store, in various shapes and sizes.
  • If you have a large container and end up with not enough candy to fill it up, turn a plastic cup upside down inside of the container and let it take up some space!
  • Put the more expensive candy in smaller dishes.
  • Consider making a few sweet treats to share alongside the store-bought candy. Chocolate covered marshmallows, chocolate dipped pretzel sticks and your favorite cookies are just a small idea of what you can provide to fill up a candy buffet.
  • Portion out individual servings of things like popcorn, doughnut holes and crispy rice treats.
  • Don’t forget to check the weather if you’re planning to have your candy buffet outside – anything that doesn’t melt would be best.
  • Plan on buying about a half pound of candy per guest.
  • Don’t buy large containers for the candy to be transported in. These cute chevron bags would be perfect!
  • Top off each bag with a sweet thank you, and your candy buffet is complete!

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