Your cake can be one of the biggest budget busters for your big day. The ideal situation is to either bake it yourself or have a friend who can bake do it. In all honestly, anyone can bake a cake. The intimidating thing for most people is actually decorating said cake in a fashion that doesn’t look like it was your flower girl’s preschool art project. Lucky for you, a new trend has taken the wedding cake world by storm and it’s so easy that just about anyone can pull it off themselves! There’s no fondant to smooth, no buttercream roses to apply – it’s naked. That’s right; the naked cake proves that you don’t need to spend a ton to make a big statement.

It’s What’s Inside that Counts

That statement was never truer than it is with this cake, because it’s is all about flavor. Instead of frosting the outside, cakes in the buff are stacked with luscious layers of frosting or filling. The layers are exposed for a fresh and incredibly delicious look.

When this trend first started to surface in 2013, a lot of brides were unsure about the look of it. But the look of these cakes is nothing if not refined. Adding fresh flowers or other accoutrements is easy to do with this cake and will certainly make a statement.

The Rustic Vibe

It just so happens that these cakes go great with a very current and chic wedding theme – the rustic look. The naked cake is just a very updated and modern dessert that still has a classic shape but without gobs of overly sweet icing that can be a turn off for some. Plus, if you’re having a wedding on a budget then you know that simplicity wins the day!

Oodles of Options

What is really delightful about the naked cake is how easy they can be to customize; therefore they can truly reflect your unique wedding style. You can make each layer a different color for an ombre look, or you can add color through fruit fillings between the layers. Don’t think chocolate is out, either, just because it’s naked. Chocolate cake is moist and ideal for a naked wedding cake, and the flavor combinations you can do with fruit and chocolate are limitless. You could even do a black and white tuxedo cake with chocolate and vanilla, or do each layer in a different flavor with a different filling. Just remember, you don’t have to sacrifice any flavor for this type of cake!

Probably the best thing about the naked cake is that you really just can’t go wrong. It’s supposed to look rustic and imperfect, so there’s no wrong way to do it. Whatever design, flavor and decorations seem right to you will work. Not to mention, a naked cake can really be done in almost any size. You can have a soaring confection or a petite sweet. It’s the ultimate DIY cake.

So, what do you think? Are you ready for your cake to bare it all for your wedding?

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