There are so many elements that goes into planning a wedding. Not only do you have to find the right wedding gown, shoes, location and music, you also have to make sure you pick the perfect wedding cake. The wedding cake is one of the most highly anticipated parts of the entire reception and there are things to consider when you are deciding on your cake. For instance do you want a small or big cake, simple or elegant or even what flavor and texture you desire. Here are things to think about when picking your cake”

How to pick the bakery

After doing some research on what kind of cake they want, the bride and groom look for bakeries in their area to narrow down the selections. They should visit the bakery in person to see (and taste) the baker’s work. If you have a specific look in mind, also bring photos or ideas of how you would like your cake to look like to the meeting – remember this is your day and you don’t want your wedding cake to be a disaster.

Give yourself time

Once the bride and groom have narrowed down the wedding venue and color palette it is imperative to start looking for the cake. Typically a well designed cake will take some time to be completed and cakes have to be ordered so you want to make sure your cake will be ready in time for your big day. When it comes to your wedding cake there is no room for error.

Cake tasting

You must schedule a cake tasting with the bakery you choose before you spend your money and order it. You want to make sure you are going to love the way your cake taste. Once you have tasted all of the flavors you are interested in it will be a lot easier to pick and choose which cake will be the best for your wedding.

Choose a cake that fits your wedding theme

You want your cake to compliment your wedding and don’t be afraid to get creative with the design. You can even match the cake to your wedding gown by adding ruffles or any jewels the bride may be wearing, they can be replicated for the cake.

Cake mistakes

There are two mistakes you do not want to make when planning your wedding. The first one is waiting until the last minute to design or order your cake. Do not procrastinate because some bakeries calendars fill up pretty quick so get started as soon as possible. The second mistake is listening to too many people and their opinions. It’s ok to hear friends and family out but the bride and groom have the final say when it comes to their wedding.

  • One way to save money is to have your baker design smaller cakes to serve your wedding guests. Smaller cakes mean less ingredients which could definitely save some money.
  • Also you can have a good friend or family member bake you a cake for your special day.
  • Look for a wedding cake at your local bakery, supermarket, or an ethnic bakery these places can do a wonderful job designing and decorating your cake for a fraction of the cost that specialty bakeries would charge.
  • Keep your wedding budget on track by choosing simple cake flavors and frostings. Also the more complicated your design is the more expensive your cake will be so think of smaller and easier designs for your cake.
  • You don’t need to have a traditional wedding cake, and you can even do away with the wedding cake altogether. Consider cupcakes, donuts, pies and fruit cakes. All of these are acceptable alternatives.

Choosing the perfect wedding cake can be a little difficult, but these easy tips should help you find your perfect wedding dessert!

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