Doing your own wedding day makeup isn’t a problem. Brides on a budget can agree that there are more important things to spend money on than a makeup artist.  But we all want to look beautiful for our big day!  Here are eight tips to help you prepare and pull off your perfect wedding day look.

Find Your Correct Foundation

If you don’t wear foundation regularly, you probably don’t know your perfect shade. Don’t just wing it, especially with colors from the drugstore. Have a professional find out what your perfect foundation shade is. If possible, get their recommendation for the right long-lasting foundation you can wear on your wedding day.

Pick Your Process, Stick With It

The weeks before your wedding is not the time to start changing up your beauty routine. If you’ve already begun a skin care regimen, great. If not, don’t go crazy on harsh scrubs or intense masks you’ve never tried before. Keep things as simple as possible the weeks before your wedding day.

High Definition Isn’t Just For Pictures

Cameras pick up even the smallest of details, so it’s important to make sure your makeup is flawless on your big day. Look into high definition foundation, concealer, and primer, but if all you can fit in your budget is high def setting powder, go with that.

Consider Baking Your Makeup

If you’re up for trying a new thing, this makeup technique that has been around for years. It’s a little bit complicated, but the results are amazing. Flawless, poreless finish with not much more effort than you would normally put in. Check it out on

Lip Stain Over Lipstick

To keep your wedding makeup looking fresh all day, along with your high definition, long-wear foundation, check out a lip stain that creates the look you want. It won’t transfer to your new spouse’s face (or shirt, or the glass you drank out of, or your teeth…) and won’t require much in the way of reapplication. One less thing to worry about!

Practice Makes Perfect

Try out your wedding day look several times before the day arrives. You don’t want to feel rushed when creating your bridal look, so make sure you’ve got the routine down pat. Put together everything you’ll need for the look the day before so that nothing gets forgotten, especially if you’re getting ready in a location you’re not used to.

Go Wax Free For A Week

Don’t get anywhere on your face waxed within five days of the wedding. Freshly waxed skin holds makeup differently and causes any flash photography to bounce of your face weird. Don’t do it!

Pack Up Backup

Make sure someone who will be with you the whole time has a little dusting powder or oil-removing sheets as well as a lip touch up kit in their bag. You’ll need the lip touch up kit because – duh – kissing removes your lipstick, but also because there will be a lot of pictures and busy moving around. You’ll need to dab away any shine, and refresh the sparkle on your lips.

It’s your wedding day and you’re going to look beautiful!

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